Building Permits Departments

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the months of January and February 2018.


J. and N. Salema Family
480 Burnett Road
$6,000 — Replace water-damaged sheetrock and ceiling tiles

U-Haul Real Estate Co.
878 Memorial Dr.
$4,000 — Demolish partition walls


Autumn Properties, LLC
161-165 Northampton St.
$8,850 — Add interior partitions to create extra offices

Cumberland Farms
2211 Northampton St.
$1,022,350 — Construct convenience store with fuel stations, canopy, and parking

Keystone Enterprises
122 Pleasant St.
$18,500 — Install HVAC system for Float Therapy Spa

U.S. Bank
13 Sterling Dr.
$24,500 — Remove and replace existing roof covering; interior renovations


The Arbor’s Kids
126 Industrial Dr.
$177,755 — Renovations

East Longmeadow Wellness Center
250 North Main St.
$18,000 — Sheet metal

Fairview Extended Care
305 Maple St.
$5,000 — Construction trailer

Irina’s Décor
100 Shaker Road
$3,000 — Sheet metal


220 Russell Street, LLC
220 Russell St.
$615,000 — New steel building for Wagging Tail, a new canine daycare center

Gibbs Oil Co., LP
110 Russell St.
$2,175 — Reface two signs

Town of Hadley
15 East St.
$15,000 — Verizon Wireless to replace antennas with new models and install remote radio heads to existing cell tower


Longmeadow Country Club
400 Shaker Road
$15,900 — Demo and removal of walk-in coolers

Mario Davis Magnani
791 Maple Road
$2,550 — Add two illuminated signs to roof


Country Bank
64 Cherry St.
$6,500 — Demolition

Country Bank
64 Cherry St.
$12,000 — Illuminated sign

Country Bank
64 Cherry St.
$2,100 — Illuminated sign


City of Northampton
6 Water St.
$5,688 — Reroof building for Water Department

City of Northampton
125 Locust St.
$11,368 — Reroof storage building at Department of Public Works

City of Northampton
23 Center St.
$664,350 — Concrete and masonry repair and waterproofing at Police Department; new plaza deck drain installations

Cumberland Farms Inc.
53 Main St.
$800 — Reface ground-mounted illuminated sign

Five College Realtors
92 Main St.
$2,800 — Illuminated wall sign

Five College Realtors
92 Main St.
$2,800 — Illuminated wall sign

O’Connell Oil Associates Inc.
506 Pleasant St.
$6,000 — Two illuminated canopy signs at Shell gas station

P + Q, LLC
110 Main St.
$1,000 — Non-illuminated wall sign

Saga Communications of NE Inc.
15 Hampton Ave.
$12,500 — Install new drop ceiling in conference room and install refrigerator in break room


Westfield River Brewing Co.
707 College Highway
$20,000 — Lighting and windows on second floor


3640 Main St., LLP
3640 Main St., Suite 101
$289,934 — Interior renovations for use as an MRI center

Baystate Health
3350 Main St.
$988,766 — Renovate existing suite into infusion space

Mike Bergdoll
1271 Page Blvd.
$53,000 — Renovate Swift Trip gas station and convenience store

F.L. Roberts
275 Albany Ave.
$25,000 — Concrete pad for new building

GF Enterprises
633 Liberty St.
$202,000 — Upgrade building exterior of Taco Bell restaurant with new paint and signage, upgrade dining room, and ensure bathrooms are ADA-compliant

Liberty Medical Associates, LLP
125 Liberty St.
$14,820 — Construct wall to enclose future break room, add door, and remove sink in Suite 408; construct closet and add door in Suite 402

MassDevelopment Finance Agency
1550 Main St.
$55,580 — Renovate area into two conference rooms for Alekman DiTusa

Mercy Medical Center
271 Carew St.
$35,732 — Demolish casework, wall, and doors; install new finishes, new wall configuration, millwork, and doors

Mercy Medical Center
271 Carew St.
$17,107 — Build wall and hard ceiling to set back a door which is currently an egress/safety issue

Monarch Enterprise
1414 Main St.
$173,700 — Remodel existing space into a new Starbucks coffee shop

VIP Nail Salon
1704 Boston Road
$7,400 — Electrical and plumbing


City of Westfield
25 Dartmouth St.
Renovation to existing building

Governor’s Center RE, LLC
66 South Broad St.
Construct new bathroom and kitchenette

Rosow Westfield, LLC
66 South Broad St.
$36,900 — Install new garage door, construct new load-bearing walls, and construct new offices

Rosow Westfield, LLC
66 South Broad St.
$13,700 — Steel beam and support columns


Century Investment Co.
219 Memorial Ave.
$54,400 — Interior tenant remodeling for purpose of retail sales

Crosslight Gospel Church
2611 Westfield St.
$10,000 — Construct storage area on side of building

General Equities
884 Westfield St.
$82,155 — Renovations, including new ceiling tiles, bathroom remodel, interior painting, new storefront glass, and siding

Drew Moyes
958 Riverdale Road
$2,000 — Alterations to interior space for Agri-Mark Inc.

Northern Rail Services Inc.
175 Circuit Ave.
$28,000 — Add dimising walls and two bathrooms


75 Post Office Park, LLC
75 Post Office Park
$25,000 — Create interior office space for Proshred