Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of October 2018.


C and C Mass Ventures, LLC
33 Haynes Circle
$147,500 — Remodel women’s bathrooms and break room

Cabotville Common Ltd.
640 Chicopee St.
$35,000 — Roofing

Chapin School Veterans
40 Meadow St.
$7,000 — Deliver standalone gazebo to site

Yousuf Hazrat Ji
49 Dwight St.
$1,800 — Remodeling

David Roy
490 Meadow St.
$12,000 — Roofing


Budlia, LLC
14 Conway St.
$10,000 — Roofing

Deerfield Academy
13 Academy Lane
$87,290 — Remove and replace insulation

Deerfield Academy
8 Memorial Dr.
$7,000 — Scoreboard

Deerfield Academy
7 Wells St.
$31,476 — Install 28 solar panels

Town of Deerfield
8 Conway St.


Vladimir Agapov
72 Montague City Road
$10,000 — Roofing

Jack Curtiss, Robert Carey, John Gates, Daniel Graves
173 Main St.
$8,640 — Install new rubber roof on front entry area

Historic Factories, LLC
2 Mead St.
$6,500 — Modify and upgrade existing bathroom to accessible requirements

Sebastian J. Ruggieri Estate
177 Shelburne Road
$6,000 — Construct dividing wall in existing room


GPT Longmeadow, LLC
704 Bliss Road
$4,000 — Two new signs for Francesca’s

Longmeadow Mall, LP
793 Williams St.
$5,000 — Build out for increased tenant space

Longmeadow Mall, LP
827 Williams St.
$15,000 — New wall to separate office space

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
335 Longmeadow St.
$2,000 — Build shed


Aster Associates
80 Barrett St.
$84,593 — Roofing

The Brush Works, LLC
221 Pine St.
$10,650 — Renovate bathroom and tenant space on first floor

Smith College
28 Kensington Ave.
$48,000 — Roofing

Strong Ave., LLC
8 Strong Ave.
$21,000 — Install lamppost and wheelchair ramp

Trident Realty Corp.
109 Main St.
$61,000 — Install window, interior partitions, plumbing, and electric


BSC Realty Inc.
395 Dwight St.
$10,000 — Erect open deck in existing lightwell

White Eagle Realty, LLC
129 White St.
$127,100 — Install roof-mounted solar panels, reinforced roof rafters

Better Homes Inc.
275 Chestnut St.
$7,200,000 — Renovate third through sixth floors and alter a portion of second floor to residential units


Capital Realty Inc.
125 Capital Dr.
$47,250 — Install interior stairway to access second floor

Essential Power Operating Services, LLC
15 Agawam Ave.
$37,700 — Roofing

Residence Inn by Marriott
64 Border Way
$860,000 — Upgrades to public area, minor food-prep improvements, public-area restroom, corridor, electrical, and HVAC modifications, fitness-center expansion and pool refinishing, guestroom modifications, exterior terrace upgrade

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