Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of February 2019.


Mark Mushenko
760 Memorial Dr.
$18,000 — Exterior renovations for new barbershop, including roof, windows, dormers, siding, and gutters


Deerfield Academy
53 Old Main St.
$85,250 — Install fire sprinkler system

Dumont Co,
15 Merrigan Way
$39,900 — Install fire sprinkler system

Hopes & Weimer
54 Whately Road
$7,500 — Install fire wall

Charles Ramon
217 Greenfield Road
$2,880 — Add roof over ADA entry door


Commonwealth Academy Holdings, LLC
263 Maple St.
$20,000 — Install new fire alarm with monitoring equipment

Commonwealth Academy Holdings, LLC
3 Ames Hill Road
$21,000 — Install new fire alarm with monitoring equipment

Orionls, LLC
428 Belmont Ave.
$20,000 — Remove three equipment cabinets and install one RBS equipment cabinet, three antennas, three remote radio units, and three hybrid cables

John Salema
805 Main St.
$1,500 — Enlarge existing door opening to existing cooler