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PV Squared Welcomes Seven New Worker-owners

GREENFIELD — PV Squared, a worker-owned cooperative and local solar design and installation company located in Greenfield, recently welcomed seven new worker-owners to the ownership team: Madeleine Geschwind, Brain (Craig) Lakas, Jeremy Latch, Jeff Molongoski, Todd Sessions, Nik Perry, and Matt Valliere.

To become a worker-owner, employees must work at PV Squared for at least one year before participating in an additional one-year worker-owner in training (WOIT) program. The WOIT program involves in-depth education about all aspects of the cooperative, the development of a personal leadership plan, and additional learning opportunities about socially responsible business practices.

“It has been rewarding to watch the cooperative grow from a handful of worker-owners in 2002 to a team of more than 40 employees in 2019 that includes 29 worker-owners,” said Jon Child, Design & Sales team leader and worker-owner. “This means that PV Squared clients are working directly with owners in all aspects of our business, including the majority of our build-team members. We take pride in our work, and it shines through on a daily basis.”

PV Squared is a local leader in the field of solar design, installation, and maintenance. The worker-owned cooperative provides renewable-energy solutions to a range of clients, including business owners, commercial property owners, farmers, and homeowners in Western Mass. and surrounding regions.

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