Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the months of November and December 2021. (Filings are limited due to closures or reduced staffing hours at municipal offices due to COVID-19 restrictions).


Center Group LLC
82 Springfield St.
$28,000 — Roofing

City of Chicopee
38 Broad St.
$250,000 — Demolition and removal of Fairview Park pool and associated piping, remove debris, backfill with clean fill to surrounding grades, loam and seed disturbed areas

City of Chicopee
687 Front St.
$250,000 — Demolition and removal of Szot Park pool and associated piping, remove debris, backfill with clean fill to surrounding grades, loam and seed disturbed areas

Meadow Street Partners LLP
307 Meadow St.
$70,000 — Install antennas, ancillary tower, and ground equipment at unmanned wireless facility
River Edge Management Corp.
43 Grattan St.
$11,200 — Roofing

RK Chicopee LLC
545 Memorial Dr.
$7,500 — Roofing

South Hadley Waste Water Treatment Plant
2 James St.
$62,000 — Install new fire-alarm system


CBR Realty Corp.
189 Russell St.

Andre Laflamme, Anna Laflamme
79 River Dr.
Replace guardrail on upper second-floor deck and stairs

Matthew Olszewski
36 Lawrence Plain Road
Roofing on back barn


Sean Stephen, Tracy Stephen
68 Main St.
$2,500 — Remove existing door and transom, supply and install new thermally broken frame and door

Alan Wilcox, Lynn Bertelli
15 Margerie St.
$11,450 — Roofing


CR Resorts LLC
165 Kemble St.
$24,805 — Repair roof leak and replace damaged interior drywall, insulation, and associated finishes in pavilion building

Housatonic Hotel LLC
194 Pittsfield Road
$174,000 — Install new wet zone system for heated areas on first and second floors and a dry system for the attic

MRG CRW Holdings LLC
55 Lee Road
$330,000 — Renovate 28 bathrooms

PVI Lenox Village LLC
51 Church St.
$18,400 — Remove skylight, install kitchen, modify bathroom frame area for new furnace


Atelier LLC
20 Ladd Ave.
$37,000 — Install fire-suppression system

Colvest Northampton LLC
303 King St.
$50,000 — HVAC

Colvest Northampton LLC
303 King St.
$7,950 — Wall sign for New England Orthopedic Surgeons

Colvest Northampton LLC
303 King St.
$7,950 — Wall sign for New England Orthopedic Surgeons

Congregation B’nai Israel Inc.
237 Prospect St.
$44,000 — Renovate garage

17 Main St.
$5,060 — Platform and ramp

NEC Ventures II Inc.
308 King St.
$5,027 — Reface ground sign for Golden Nozzle

Northampton Historical Society
66 Bridge St.
$12,000 — Interior demolition

Oxbow Professional Park LLC
8 Atwood Dr.
$40,000 — Illuminated ground sign

Smith College
Bedford Ter.
$217,098 — Retrofit sprinkler system

Smith College
53 West St.
$50,000 — Demolish structure

Southpaw Properties LLC
28 North Maple St.
$83,834 — Solar panels on roof

Sullivan Real Estate LLC
176 Prospect St.
$12,000 — Roofing


Roy Andersen Jr.
25 Bartlett Ave.
$17,000 — Supply new fire-alarm system with heat detectors in individual units, and upgrade hardwired system in each unit

Esther Bolen
25 Madison Ave.
$8,576 — Install new fire-warning system

Mary Dinicola
31 Brown St.
$3,500 — Roofing

Egos Realty Partners LLP
$16,000 — Remove all partition walls, ceilings and flooring back to unit separation walls

Ferris Realty Trust
172 Elm St.
$5,000 — Install hardwired smoke/CO detector in VFW/dental office

WDM Properties, LLC
161 Bradford St.
$9,572 — Install new fire-warning system


43 Sullivan St. Inc.
43 Sullivan St.
$63,000 — Remodel interior to include handicap bathroom and embalming prep room, build new ramp and stairs at front entrance

401 Liberty Street LLC
179 Taylor St.
$10,000 — Interior demolition

Baystate Health
2 Medical Center Dr.
$465,912 — Alter medical office space on fifth floor of Baystate Medical Office Building

Baystate Medical Center Inc.
759 Chestnut St.
$55,170 — Alter space to include new Fall Prevention Monitoring Office

Century Pacific Housing Partnership
15 Girard Ave.
$50,600 — Remove and replace nine antennas on Verizon telecommunications tower

City of Springfield
299 Sumner Ave.
$100,000 — Repair support footings, wood flooring, siding, and roof covering on Forest Park trolley barn

Colvest/Columbus Springfield LLC
1245 East Columbus Ave.
$9,773.85 — Install fire-alarm system for interior alteration at Burger King, include drive-up service

Crown Atlantic Co. LLC
22 Birnie Ave.
$70,000 — Add three cellular antennas and associated equipment to existing monopole tower for Dish Wireless

Five Town Station LLC
354 Cooley St.
$763,111 — Alter interior tenant space at Five Town Plaza for new Pet Supplies Plus

Martin Luther King Jr. Family Services
3 Rutland St.
$75,500 — Roofing

Dave Price
44 Hampden St.
$3,945,000 — Remodel office at WGBY New England Public Media

RJB Properties LLC
35 Bronson Ter.
$1,000 — Remove two garage doors and frame in new doors, install siding for newly framed area


JCE Realty LLC
2377 Boston Road
$2,000 — Install new wall sign

Prime Group Wilbraham LLC
2350 Boston Road
$2,200 — Install wall sign and ground sign for Extra Space Storage