Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of January 2022. (Filings are limited due to closures or reduced staffing hours at municipal offices due to COVID-19 restrictions).


CPI 425 Meadow Street LLC
425 Meadow St.
$22,000 — Construct new non-structural walls around new electrical transformer

Teresa Joguin
10 Taylor St.
$38,100 — New electrical, plumbing, HVAC, insulation, sheetrock, flooring, drop ceiling, and countertop

Adam Piskorowski
11 Hendrick St.
$14,373.37 — Decking


Walter Czajkowski
135 Mount Warner Road
N/A — Addition

Konover Properties
30 Greenleaves Dr.
N/A — Repair drywall and finishes

Konover Properties
36 Greenleaves Dr.
N/A — Repair drywall


South Lee Assoc. LLC
501 Pleasant St.
$17,325 — Add sprinklers in new clean room from existing main

Town of Lee
32 Main St.
$1,953 — Replace bad fire-alarm panel


Blantyre LLC
16 Blantyre Road
$20,000 — Selective investigative demolition

Evelyn Witkowski Pascal
38 Church St.
$23,500 — Remodel Apt. 2E


Aquadro & Cerruti Inc.
131 Texas Road
$1,500 — Outfit portion of second-floor office space as a hydroponic grow facility

Brigi Inc.
289 Elm St.
$7,400 — Bathroom renovation

Glass Lake Partners LLC
43 Ladd Ave.
$2,500 — Build wall for storage area

Smith College
Henshaw Avenue
$350,000 — Replacement windows and repairs

Smith College
College Lane
$918,000 — Renovate collection storage areas

UG South LLC
165 South St.
$1,705 — Insulation and weatherization


Kathleen Broderick
91 Appleton Ave.
$1,500 — Install emergency lights in stairwell

Darryl Hamel
276 Columbus Ave.
$42,000 — Machine demolition of structure, remove foundations, backfill to surrounding grade

Seven Oh Three Nominee Trust
703 West Housatonic St.
$9,583 — Roofing


1626 Bay Street LLC
797 Berkshire Ave.
$62,000 — Build addition for new office; remodel interior space for warehouse; remove and replace windows, siding, roof, and exterior wall framing

Mawla Bassam
438 Chestnut St.
$33,500 — Roofing

Mawla Bassam
444 Chestnut St.
$33,500 — Roofing

Ngoc Minh Thi Le
556 Sumner Ave.
$50,000 — Roofing at Subway restaurant

Premier Supply Group
372 Pasco Road
$518,350 — Roofing

Springfield Boys Club
481 Carew St.
$40,000 — Verizon Wireless to add six cellular antennas and associated equipment to existing monopole

Springfield Investors LLC
1083 Boston Road
$194,000 — Alter interior store fixtures for retail sales floor area, relocate main entry door, Xfinity store

Springfield Redevelopment Authority
7 Elm St.
$3,834,802 — Alter interior for rehabilitation of four residential units in Court Square building

Springfield Redevelopment Authority
31 Elm St.
$45,000,000 — Alter interior for rehabilitation of 70 residential units and three future commercial tenant spaces in Court Square building

Springfield Redevelopment Authority
31 Elm St.
$1,000 — Interior demolition in preparation of future buildout of Court Square building

Verizon Wireless
15 Girard Ave.
$15,000 — Remove and replace three antennas

Paul Weinberg
3 Rutland St.
$75,500 — Roofing at Martin Luther King Family Services Inc.


1997 Boston Road Wilbraham Eat LLC
1997 Boston Road
$10,000 — Install free-standing sign for O’Reilly Auto Parts and Valvoline

Valleystone Credit Union
2002 Boston Road
$20,100 — Replace existing ground sign for Polish National Credit Union

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