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Cambridge College Launches MBA Degree in Spanish

BOSTON — Cambridge College has launched a master of business administration (MBA) degree program taught in Spanish for learners looking to delve into the rigor and complexity of graduate-level business courses in their native language.

The MBA in Spanish is a 36-credit program delivered completely online. It can be completed in 18 months, with students devoting their focus to just one course per five-week session.

“Our MBA in Spanish represents our ongoing commitment to meet the needs of the diverse working adults we serve and provide them with another option for accessing a valuable and practical education,” said Santiago Mendez-Hernandez, director of the program. “For so many of our students who work, parent, and are living busy lives, the ability to do graduate work in Spanish enables them to get more out of the material and the experience of being in graduate school.”

As of 2021, it was estimated that 2.6 million Spanish speakers have recently (within the past five years) immigrated to the U.S.; 27% of them have bachelor’s degrees, compared to 37.7% of the entire U.S. population.

“These learners bring knowledge, experience, and a multicultural perspective to the business world, and they are motivated to advance their careers,” Mendez-Hernandez said. “This is an additional, accessible resource that helps them engage deeply, take a lead in classroom collaborations, and ultimately apply their backgrounds to taking on leadership roles in growing businesses.”

Being multilingual an important asset in the global business sector. According to a recent survey by Schwartz Insurance and reported by the Financial Post, bilingual or multilingual employees, particularly those who speak Spanish, earn 5% to 20% more than their monolingual colleagues.

In addition to all coursework being conducted in Spanish, Cambridge College also provides support and advising in Spanish. The MBA in Spanish program is currently accepting applications, and fall-term classes begin Sept. 2.