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Conca Brings Elite Baseball Development Program to Palmer / Wilbraham Area

WEST SPRINGFIELD — The Elite Baseball Development Program that helped develop Arizona Diamondback’s Nick Ahmed into the powerful shortstop he is today is coming to Palmer on Jan. 5. Conca Sport & Fitness, LLC (CSF) will be bringing its Conca Sports Performance division to AP Player Development in Palmer, located at 1 Chamber Road. Conca Sports Performance is the highly specialized athlete development division of Conca Sport & Fitness, LLC which offers sport-specific strength and conditioning. One such program, the Elite Baseball Development Program, has been offered at its West Springfield facility since 2009, training high school, collegiate and professional athletes. Athletes in Palmer and surrounding areas will have the same opportunity. With the dynamic collaboration between CSF and AP Player Development, athletes will now have the opportunity to train on and off the field, using AP’s outdoor and indoor resources. “Steve Conca has designed an Elite Baseball Development program that addresses the needs of players at all levels,” said Peter Fatse, owner and director of AP Player Development, LLC. “We’re pleased to have him bring Conca Sports Performance to our facility and provide the expert strength and conditioning for the talent we are developing.” The Elite Baseball Development Program includes individual assessments and program design, supervised strength and conditioning, and nutrition education. Pitchers and hitters are assessed using cutting-edge ZenoLinkTM 3D technology to create an accurate performance profile that serves as the basis for their training programs. These programs are tailored to the players’ specific needs, including strengths, deficiencies, and injury history. “What happens in the off-season is just as important, if not more so, than what happens during the season with regards to strength and conditioning,” said Steve Conca, MS, CSCS owner of Conca Sport and Fitness, LLC. “The proper program design can make all the difference on the field, and our Elite Baseball Development Program identifies the individual needs of the players to ensure they perform their best while reducing the chances of an overuse injury to the shoulder and or elbow.”

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