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‘Stories of Wistariahurst from a Skinner Descendent’ to be Staged Jan. 4

HOLYOKE — On Jan. 4 at 3 p.m., Allerton Kilborne will return to Holyoke to offer a special tour of his grandmother’s home and share his memories of living at Wistariahurst. When Kilborne enters the home on Cabot Street, it is like entering a time machine. Allerton lived at Wistariahurst with his grandmother, Katherine Skinner Kilborne, and a full staff, whom he remembers in detail and with great affection. So join him in a journey back in time as Wistariahurst comes alive with his memories. Acquiring its name from the flowering vine, the 26-room mansion features parquet floors, vaulted ceilings, elaborate woodwork, and two marble lions that have guarded the entrance since the late 19th century. The estate was kept in the Skinner family until 1959 when Katharine Skinner Kilborne and her three children gave Wistariahurst to the city of Holyoke for cultural and educational purposes. Registration for the event is suggested. Admission is $12 for the general public, and $10 members. For more information or to register visit wistariahurst.org or call the museum at (413) 322-5660.