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Congressman Neal Announces $1 Million for Bay Path University Student Success Center

LONGMEADOW — U.S. Rep. Richard Neal joined Bay Path University President Sandra Doran last week to announce a $1 million earmark to launch a Student Success Center at the university.

The allocation was made possible through Congressionally Direct Spending (CDS) from the Department of Education. Neal included funding for this project in the FY 2023 spending bill that was signed into law on Dec. 29, 2022.

“As one of the premier learning institutions in New England, Bay Path University continues to pride itself on providing students the resources needed to succeed both in the classroom and in the workforce,” Neal said. “Bay Path has a long history of serving a diverse student body, creating opportunities for first-generation college students and disadvantaged members of our communities. I am proud to have procured funding that will allow Bay Path to launch their Student Success Center, furthering their mission of empowering students to become leaders in their careers.”

Funding will be used to complete the work to launch a new Student Success Center that will deliver holistic, coordinated, wraparound academic, financial, and career-development support services that are easily accessible 24/7, both online and on campus. The center will accommodate the needs of Bay Path’s diverse student populations, integrating its services into a student’s academic program through systematic communications and touchpoints throughout the undergraduate experience.

“Our faculty and staff are truly passionate about providing the best student experience, in and out of the classroom, for all our learners, on ground and online,” Doran said. “This award will help us develop a Student Success Center that will ensure that our learners graduate and succeed in their careers. On behalf of the Bay Path community and our learners, 80% of whom live and work in our region, I express my gratitude to Congressman Neal for all his support.”

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