DBA Certificates Departments

Doing Business as Certificates

The following Business Certificates and Trade Names were issued or renewed during the month of and July 2013.




Air Tatts

68 North Alhambra Circle

Ronald Roux


Blue Reis Pizza Restaurant

365 Walnut St.

Kamran Muradov


New England Stucco

15 Silver Lake Dr.

Eugene Ivanchenko




Birch Pond Farm

1709 Center St.

Marcy Reed


Brothers Home Improvement

22 Artisan St.

Steven Blanchett


Ehhas For Trade

660 Broadway St.

Esam Wahhas


Forbes Testing Labs

563 Center St.

Stephen Niec


Honeyland Farms

206 Newbury St.

Aftab A. Abari


Mr. Home

74 Cislak Dr.

Bill Sweeney


Soft Touch Autowash

1469 Granby Road

Joseph Larivee




Alliance ATM

13 Cedar St.

John Michelson


Kali B’s Wings & Things

76 French King Highway

Laurie Ellis




Dairy Market

1552 Dwight St.

Sagheer Nawaz


DJC Engineering

14 Ross Road

Daniel Cavanaugh


Nutricion Vibrante

343 High St.

Shawn Duncan




Antique Junction

1294 South Main St.

Robin Lamothe


Beads of a Lifetime

1087 South Main St.

Chase Pelletier


Blue Bird Inc.

2004 Main St.

Malik Saghir


Kim’s Hair Care

2066 Main St.

Kimberly King


Paramount Pizza 3

1620 North Main St.

Ali Balak


S & S Food Mart

1520 North Main St.

Syed W. Hashmi


Tailgate Tavern

102 Central St.

Tim Burke




Fair Shake

36 South Loomis St.

Matthew Frailey


Spotlight Graphics

9 Whalley Way

Diane Demarco


Valley Remodeling

79 Sam West Road

John Rock Jr.




Coamo Restaurant

2550 Main St.

Anibal Colon


Com-Wealth, LLC

36 Garland St.

Raymond L. Berry


Deranged Mindz Entertainment

1139 Sumner Ave.

Hector Emilio


Ecott Systems

177 Winton St.

Oliver F. Wallace


FT Pleasant Convenience

102 Fort Pleasant Ave.

Akif A. Khan


Grab Distributor

30 Cortland St.

Richard Lopez


Grit and Guts

146 Powell Ave.

Darby McLaughlin


The Creative Strategy Age

1350 Main St.

Alfonso Santaniello




Kings Cleaner

282 Southampton Road

Nham S. Yi


Paul’s Barber Shop

263 Elm St.

James L. Ahearn


Sean & Mari Photography

71 Steiger Dr.

Sean M. Fitzgerald


SI Map

71 Steiger Dr.

Sean M. Fitzgerald


Sweet Reveal

1 Overlook Dr.

Carla Kone


Two Rivers Burrito Company

36 Elm St.

Joseph Wynn




Applied Software Technology

59 Interstate Dr.

Edward R. Garibian


ARS Restoration Specialists

480 St. James Ave.

Richard Piltch


Auntie Cathie’s Kitchen

217 Elm St.

Catherine A. Albrecht


Good Hands Construction

43 Belle Ave.

Viktor Krashov


RC Cleaning Services

261 Circle Dr.

Christine Corey


Willy Wheels

811 Memorial Ave.

William Bayton


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