DBA Certificates Departments

Doing Business as Certificates

The following Business Certificates and Trade Names were issued or renewed during the month of and May 2013.


E-Nough Logic
19 America St.
Michael Cowley

Grimaldi Landscaping & Services
42 Rose St.
William Grimaldi Jr.

Nom Nom Hut
51 Maple St.
Marcy Megarry


Antique Revival
322 Deerfield St.
Eric Webster

Duo Senior Care
82 Birch St.
Rachel E. Lively

Greenfield Auto Specialist
335 High St.
Greenfield Imported Cars Inc.

Lucky Nails
130 Main St.
Tai Huynh

Meadow Green Nail Center
5 Park St.
Patricia Semb

The Carousel Corner
4 Woodland Road
Jonathan Lowe


Abercrombie & Fitch
50 Holyoke St.
Robert Brown

Archie’s Mini Market
81 North Bridge St.
Hector Archilla

50 Holyoke St.
John Anderson

279 Appleton St.
Frankie Cardona

Max Orient
50 Holyoke St.
Harry C. Chen

Sam’s Food Store
515 High St.
Asad Chaudhry


AED Moving Enterprises
41 Bruno Ave.
Angelo Rosa

Budget Pest Solutions
264 Moody St.
John Boudreau

C.L. Diesel Repair Inc.
403 West St.
Corey Lajoie

Deluxe Auto Sales
127 East St.
Manuel Coelho

Ludlow Automotive
430 Center St.
Rodney Walker

Moody Street Realty, LLC
54 Moody St.
Beverly Aube


Bling in Beads
23 Temple St.
Kyle Camyre

Day & Night Diner
1456 North Main St.
Karl Williams

Interactive School House
2055 Main St.
Nancy B. Roy

LMS Repair
3020 Main St.
Louis Stevens

Spic and Span
6 Green St.
Stephanie Nott


Little Cargo Couriers
24 East Hooker St.
Anatoly Atamansky

Luxury Landscape
27 Lyman St.
Jerrell Glass

Mack’s Barbershop
255 Bay St.
Michael A. Brawner

Mars Consultant Group
76 Albermarle St.

Martin Tile Company
184 Gardens Dr.
Jamie R. Martin

Mary’s Dollar Plus
2760 Main St.
Maria D. Ayala

Mass Collision
586 Berkshire Ave.
Gabriel E. Sanchez

Michael Ferzoco
33 Amity Court
Michael Ferzoco

Michael Vachula Real Estate
20 Howes St.
Michael Vachula

Mike Auto Repair Shop
136 Nursery St.
Michael S. Candelaria

Mobile Massage Therapy
85 Gold St.
Margaret Cooley

Namco, LLC
1500 Boston Road
Anabela Cruz

Nathan Bills Bar
110 Island Pond Road
John R. Sullivan

Oakley Residential Appraisals
36 Marengo Park
Gary E. Oakley

Omar & Sons Furniture
73 Liberty St.
Khuram Abbasi

Peach Brown Betty
11 Hiawatha St.
Jennifer M. Fleury

Peter S. Poniatrowski
23 Frontenac St.
Peter S. Poniatrowski

Phat Tuesdays
377 Dwight St.
Jazzberries, Inc.

Philip J. Ozzone
48 Champlain Ave.
Philip J. Ozzone

Pittola Investigations
136 Prentice St.
Damien Pittola

Pizza Hut
793 Boston Road
Pizza Hut of America

Price Cutter
2633 Main St.
Syed Shahab Ahsan

Princessazu International
204 Commonwealth Ave.
Boniface Anoje

R & M Remodeling and More
112 Avery St.
Miguel A. Homs

Robbie’s Auto & Truck Repair
1357 East Columbus Ave.
Robert D. Ober

Saravia Family Restaurant
880 Sumner Ave.
Rolando A. Saravia

Second Time Around
680 ½ Sumner Ave.
Pamela Anastasiou

Siec Software Innovation
104 Wayne St.
Marco T. Dermith

Sports Cut Barber Shop
1129 State St.
Susan Barratt

Spring Valley Food Mart
343 Allen St.
Abdul Quadus

Strictly D Best Clothing
604 Page Blvd.
Lorenzo L. Robinson

TM Cleaning
70 Chapin Terrace
Therese Leger

T & T Fernandes
509 Belmont Ave.
Gertrude Fernandes

The Collection
34 Front St.
Ariana Do


Alice M. Farrelly
45 East Meadow St.
Alice M. Farrelly

Amanda Calhoun
12 Fremont St.
Amanda Calhoun

Anugraha Grocery Store
160 Elm St.
Pralad Gurung

ESP Pool & Spa Services
261 Papermill Road
Edward Rivera

Guided Touch Therapy
26 Orange St.
Thomas D. Campbell

Sports Multi Media
51 Simmons Brook Dr.
Geof Spear


Advanced Landscaping
955 Piper Road
Allan C. Beiermeister

D & J Management
42 Maple Terrace
Douglas Smith

George Abdow Enterprises
1680 Riverdale St.
George T. Abdow

Healthy Alternatives
42 Chester St.
Roxanne Susan

Law Office of Caroline Murray
71 Park Ave.
Caroline Murray

Mr. Sealgood
75 Church St.
Scott W. Gage

Nippon Grill & Seafood
935 Riverdale St.
Chang Q. Jiang

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