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Florence Bank Gives $5,000 to Chesterfield’s Community Food Cupboard

FLORENCE — Florence Bank donated $5,000 to Chesterfield’s Community Food Cupboard, which was recently established by Chesterfield’s Council on Aging and a group of volunteers, the Community Cupboard Support Team, to help needy families access food during the COVID-19 crisis. The team includes members of the Select Board, trustees of the Chesterfield Library, along with Council on Aging board members and the Chesterfield Finance Committee.

When the Chesterfield Community Food Cupboard was initiated, it solely offered dry and canned foods and has recently integrated dairy, eggs, fruits, and fresh vegetables. “With many families finding their incomes reduced, the need to travel to larger stores several miles away has become a difficult option,” volunteer Denise Cormier said. “Our small food cupboard has become a valuable resource for locals as they appreciate being able to get food in their own community rather than having to ask for help at a food bank in a neighboring town.”

Janice Gibeau, director of Chesterfield’s Council on Aging, noted that “the creation of the Cupboard has been both a family affair and a community affair. The Cupboard has been a go-to place for nourishment and ‘food for the mind’ as we provided books and games while libraries were closed. Many people reported that they use the Cupboard because of safety concerns with large grocery stores. We hope to continue into the fall while we seek an indoor site with heat and other utilities.”

Florence Bank President and CEO Kevin Day added that “we are pleased to be able to contribute to the newly established Community Food Cupboard so they can support the people of Chesterfield and the hilltowns with the essential, fresh foods they need.”

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