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Greater Chicopee Chamber Urges Rejection of Paid Sick Leave

CHICOPEE — After deliberation by its government affairs committee, executive committee, and board of directors, the Greater Chicopee Chamber of Commerce has taken the position of ‘no’ on Question 4 — mandatory paid sick leave — which will appear on the November statewide ballot.

Question 4 would make Massachusetts one of the first states to require small and taxpayer-funded businesses to provide up to a week of mandatory paid sick time and family leave to all employees, including part-timers, and allow them to take it in increments as little as one hour at a time.

“This mandate, in our opinion, strips employers of their ability and flexibility in structuring employee benefits how they see fit to best suit the business and their employees’ needs,” the chamber said in a prepared statement. “Furthermore, to pay for the added benefit of paid sick days and still remain on budget, employers will be forced to reduce current labor spending through reduced wages and hours, layoffs, and reduction of other, more desirable benefits. Adoption of this mandate will increase the cost for employers and directly lead to lower wages for employees. This proposal is too costly and will disrupt the existing relationships between employers and employees.”

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