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HCC Art Gallery Seeking Submissions for ‘Beyond Surviving’ Exhibit 

HOLYOKE — The Taber Art Gallery at Holyoke Community College (HCC), in partnership with the college’s Thrive Student Resource Center, is seeking submissions from area artists for an exhibit titled “THRIVE: Beyond Surviving.” The exhibit will run from Oct. 31 to Dec. 20. 

Artists are encouraged to enter work that considers the systemic, communal, and/or individual obstacles and barriers to survival; what surviving means; how we as humans can continue to dream, push, and hope for more than the minimum; and the struggle of exhaustion versus the ability to rest. Submissions are due by Aug. 31. 

Gallery director Rachel Rushing said the theme of the exhibit stems from conversation she’s had with Ben Ostiguy, Special Programs director for the HCC Thrive Center, which operates the college’s food pantry and provides other support services. 

“Thrive supports HCC students struggling to meet basic needs by focusing primarily on three areas: housing, hunger, and healthcare,” Rushing said. “One of the Taber gallery’s values is collaboration, and working with Thrive is a great way to amplify their program while featuring work from artists who have concerns in these same areas.”