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International Container Co. Plans Holyoke Facility Expansion

HOLYOKE — In an effort to accommodate a growth in production, International Container Co., LLC will build an expansion to its facility and operations headquartered at 110 North Bridge St. in Holyoke. The expansion is planned with the assistance of both local tax incentives and tax credits provided through the Commonwealth’s Economic Development Incentive Program (EDIP).

International Container Co. (ICC) purchased its 150,000-square-foot facility in Holyoke in 2001 and has since made many improvements to the property. Since moving to Holyoke, business has increased each year for the company. The tax-increment financing (TIF) agreement lasts for five years and allows for a property-tax exemption on the newly created real-estate value. In return, ICC has agreed to create a minimum of five new jobs and invest between $900,000 and $1 million in the project.

The agreement has been submitted to the Holyoke City Council for approval. In addition, ICC will receive state investment-tax credits, pending review and approval of the application by the Mass. Economic Assistance Coordinating Council, based on the amount of sales generated from the expansion.

“The expansion of International Container is another indicator that manufacturing is alive and well in Holyoke,” Mayor Alex Morse said. “Our city’s manufacturers are a vital part of the community and our economy. This local incentive will ensure that this project can be brought to completion to retain and create dozens of employment opportunities in our own backyard.”

Over the last two years, ICC has made substantial efforts to expand, now servicing all of New England and selling products across the U.S. ICC currently employs 45 people, noting a growth in employment since 2013 when there were 24 employees at the facility.

“We are very excited to be working with the city of Holyoke on our expansion project,” said Joseph Searles, general manager of International Container. “We are a family business that has been manufacturing in Holyoke for 14 years and are looking forward to our future growth and success here in Holyoke in the years to come.”

ICC was founded in 1996 by William Searles Jr. The company, now operated by brothers Joseph, Kenneth, Sean, and Daniel Searles, serves the New England and Mid-Atlantic areas with products for the solid-waste industry. The company specializes in roll-off, hook-lift, and front- and rear-load containers, as well as a wide variety of special-application containers, including rolling roofs, square- and octagon-style breakaway boxes, self-contained and stationary compactors, recycling containers, flat beds, and custom containers.

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