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Thinking vs. Feeling: The Psychology of Advertising

Courtesy of www.appliedpsychologydegree.usc

Advertising has shaped our society. It has become part of the global culture and is deeply ingrained in our society. It’s the pretty pictures of happy families next to housing developments. It’s our favorite celebrities using new beauty products. We see household names selling cleaning products or food. Advertising is everywhere, and it is a large industry.

We might not know it, but the average American is exposed to a large number of commercials from various mediums in 24 hours. This includes radio, television, social media and print ads. If you use your phone a lot, it’s the ads that pop up when we browse through merchant stores and while we wait for a picture to load in a photography application. Since we are exposed to so much advertising, how do advertisers and marketers make sure their ads stand out?

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