Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of November 2020. (Filings are limited due to closures or reduced staffing hours at municipal offices due to COVID-19 restrictions).


Berkshire Retail-C, LLC
185 Exchange St.
$5,240 — Install fire alarm in Rent-A-Center space

Shawinigan Drive, LLC
645 Shawinigan Dr.
$25,000 — T-Mobile to remove three antennas and three TTAs, install three antennas and three remote radio units, and associated cables and hardware


57 Main Street, LLC
57-59 Main St.
$85,000 — Renovate facade, kitchen renovation, demolish second-floor porch

Axl, LLC
41 Strong Ave.
$5,000 — Demolish interior of existing restaurant in preparation for future buildout

City of Northampton
212 Main St.
$49,081 — Structural repair to elevator shaft in municipal building

Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield
10 Hawley St.
$113,650 — Renovate rectory, detatched garage, and social center

Smith College
22 Paradise Road
$45,000 — Porch repair

Village Hill Road, LLC
35 Village Hill Road
$43,000 — Install rooftop solar panels


Lee Bank
102 West Park St.
$6,756 — Install fire-alarm system



Overlee Property Holdings, LLC
65 Church St.
$1,074 — Re-pipe wet chemical fire-suppression system to cover changed appliances


Berkshiretown, LLC
176 Columbus Ave.
$238,761 — Roofing

City of Pittsfield
874 North St.
$88,000 — Roofing

Christopher Connell
9 Dalton Ave.
$24,000 — Install fire-alarm system

John M. Nolan Revocable Trust
40 Bartlett Ave.
$24,458 — Insulation

Keypoint Partners
660 Merrill Road
$1,200 — Install two concrete piers with anchor bolts for Callahan Sign

NY District Pilgrim Holiness Church Inc.
423 Elm St.
$7,000 — Roofing

Peru Properties, LLC
741 Tyler St.
$90,000 — Install fire barrier between business and residential uses, renovate interior finishes

Radio Place, LLC
39 Forest Place
$43,000 — Foundation

Eric Zahn
2 Westview Road
$130,977 — Install rooftop solar panels


Baystate Medical Center Inc.
759 Chestnut St.
$84,733 — Alter space in basement area for two distribution offices

Bond Street Development, LLC
25 Bond St.
$13,370 — Relocate interior door and install interior window units at Veterans Administration clinic

Crown Atlantic Co., LLC
22 Birnie Ave.
$30,000 — Remove and replace three antennas and three remote radio units on cell tower

East Springfield Realty, LLC
100 Brookdale Dr.
$73,000 — Install demising wall for future tenant space for Falvey Linen

The Republican Co.
1860 Main St.
$30,000 — Interior demolition on first floor for future buildout in Republican building

Audriana Vargas
17 Marble St.
$2,000 — Add insulation to attic floor

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