Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the months of June and July 2021. (Filings are limited due to closures or reduced staffing hours at municipal offices due to COVID-19 restrictions).


40-50 Main St., LLC
46 Main St.
$12,500 — Repair sheetrock, replace kitchen cabinets, replace bathroom fixtures

Amherst Woman’s Club
35 Triangle St.
$3,100 — Replace porch railings

UDrive South, LLC
1 University Dr. South
$99,949 — Install NFPA 13 sprinkler system within new building


Pendleton Corp.
134 Dulong Circle
$20,000 — Frame and drywall six new walls within existing office space


Brownstone Gardens
75 Pleasant St.
$1,800 — Roofing

Executive Real Estate
357A Shaker Road
$1,000 — Sign

Marth-E, LLC
30-34 Shaker Road
$20,000 — Roofing


Conway Trader Rental, LLC
217 Russell St.
N/A — Build wall in lower level of Rao’s Coffee retail store

Martha Izer
235 Russell St.
N/A — Repair two exterior windows

Most Holy Redeemer Church
120 Russell St.
N/A — Renovate two existing bathrooms


Colvest/Northampton, LLC
325B King St.
$4,500 — Interior demolition

Paul D’Amour
162 North King St.
$9,200 — Construct new structure

Dan Kunhardt
351 Pleasant St.
$1,300 — Non-illuminated wall sign

John Hunter, Sheila Hunter
245 North King St.
$3,673 — Reface illuminated ground sign

O & A Enterprises, LLC
351 Pleasant St.
$5,000 — Illuminated wall sign

Smith College
33 Elm St.
$17,588,108 — Interior and exterior renovations to Alumnae House

Smith College
43 West St.
$8,000 — Repair and replace front stairs


Mental Health and Substance Abuse
214 Francis Ave.
$9,000 — Roofing

Morningside Baptist Church
475 Tyler St.
$12,980 — Install fire-alarm system

Premium Water Inc.
1505 West Housatonic St.
$27,320 — Install gravity exhaust hoods to replace two skylights for heat relief

Three Forty Two Merrill Road, LLC
342 Merrill Road
$14,500 — Roofing


15 Taylor, LLC
15 Taylor St.
$17,075 — Install concrete handicap ramp at SilverBrick Lofts

American Tower
658 Berkshire Ave.
$25,000 — Remove and replace three antennas and three remote radio heads on T-Mobile communications tower

F.L. Roberts Co. Inc.
227 Albany St.
$168,000 — Alter tenant space for use as a hair salon

Springfield Housing Authority
33 Arch St.
$8,000 — Remove and replace accessible entry ramp at Gándara Center

St. George Greek Orthodox Memorial Church
22 St. George St.
$89,742 — Repair and upgrade first-floor men’s and women’s restrooms in Greek Cultural Center


Lumin Commercial Real Estate
1027 Westfield St.
$85,000 — Remove walls, enlarge bathroom, replace flooring, update lighting, update windows, expand two windows into one

Springfield Welcome, LLC
1011 Riverdale St.
$2,850 — Repair ceiling in lobby

John Weiss
52 Heritage Lane
$25,000 — Update kitchen and bathrooms; paint interior; install central air and central vacuum, siding, and windows

John Woods
14 Cora St.
N/A — Rebuild chimney