Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of December 2021. (Filings are limited due to closures or reduced staffing hours at municipal offices due to COVID-19 restrictions).


CPI 425 Meadow Street LLC
425 Meadow St.
$15,800 — Two aluminum standing seam awnings with vinyl text

Edward Kenny
48 West St.
$7,720 — Remodel bathroom

Patrick Roach
33 Emerson St.
$30,000 — Roofing

Schoolcraft Realty LLC
40 John St.
$5,000 — Replace rotted wood and replace trim on porch


111-113 Russell Street LLC
111 Russell St.
N/A — Make two signs and adhere them to existing signs

Timothy Kicza
234 River Dr.
N/A — Remove existing overhead door on front of garage


Barbara Garrity
42 Crystal St.
$11,200 — Roofing

Barbara Garrity
52 Crystal St.
$15,000 — Roofing


Blue Rentals LLC
41 Hayes Ave.
$12,983 — Replacement windows

BSS-3 Properties LLC
46 Chapel St.
$2,147 — Insulation

City of Northampton
Haydenville Road
$289,680 — Building for valve

Fugu Group LLC
32 Industrial Dr.
$30,000 — Insulation

Green Delta Holding LLC
North King Street
$68,000 — Metal building

Green Delta Holding LLC
North King Street
$10,000 — Alter roof to accommodate new pitch

Matt & Nick LLC
199 Pine St.
$19,000 — Install new windows and exhaust fan

New England Telephone & Telegraph Co.
61 Masonic St.
$328,000 — HVAC upgrade

Pioneer Development LLC
17 Hebert Ave.
$12,532 — Roofing

PS 144 King LLC
144 King St.
$4,000 — Wall sign for Panda Solutions

Smith Child Care Center Inc.
557 Easthampton Road
$2,400 — Non-illuminated ground sign for Mantis

Smith College
College Lane
$10,000 — Divide room into two separate spaces with wall


Boluk Realty
1620 North Main St.
$4,000 — Design and install fire-suppression system for commercial kitchen exhaust hood

Crown Castle – ETA Properties
26 Robinson St.
$70,000 — Install antennas and ancillary equipment to cell tower

John Dias, Julia Dias
1500 Main St.
$15,000 — Convert space to business with residential space on second floor

Hadley Path LLC
5 Springfield St.
$6,000 — Reface background of gas-station canopy and reface pole sign to LED lights

Gaston Lafleur, Donna Lafleur
80 Stimson St.
$65,000 — Add three antennas and associated equipment

New England Recreation & Health LLC
1235 Thorndike St.
$650,000 — Construct marijuana dispensary


John Barry
29 Wendell Ave.
$4,766 — Roofing

Berkshire Dream Center Inc.
475 Tyler St.
$80,000 — Selective demolition of deteriorated materials

Berkshire Medical Center
725 North St.
$625,500 — Renovate existing pharmacy

DNC Real Estate LLC
278 Onota St.
$3,000 — Frame walls on first floor

55 Grand Ave.
$45,000 — Replace six antennas and install three antennas and associated equipment at cellular site

TCI Holdings LLC
33 Willis St.
$20,000 — Insulation


ADG Mason Square LLC
605 State St.
$224,809.50 — African diaspora Mental Health Assoc. remodel to include eight new offices and two ADA bathrooms

Center Square Inc.
1459 Main St.
$313,813 — Renovate office space on fifth floor of TD Bank Center, structural alterations to fourth-floor ceiling

Citywide Associates LP
10 Wendell St.
$14,500 — Install replacement windows in apartments of mixed-use property

CNR Springfield LLC
655 Page Blvd.
$829,930 — Remodel point booth at CRRC to a new water test station for rail cars

East Springfield Realty LLC
100 Brookdale Dr.
$90,000 — Modify roof framing for replacement and installation of new HVAC rooftop units on Falvey Linen warehouse

Hann Realty Berkshire LLC
4 Birnie Ave.
$85,000 — Renovate existing office and warehouse space; remodel first floor, including three classrooms, one new ADA bathroom, and storage space

Rosé Entertainment LLC
555 Worthington St.
$119,500 — Remodel vacant tenant space into new bar


1997 Boston Road Wilbraham EAT LLC
1997 Boston Road
$8,000 — Install two wall signs on Valvoline building