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Congressman Neal Announces $960,000 Earmark for Easthampton Water Infrastructure

EASTHAMPTON — On Monday, U.S. Rep. Richard Neal joined Easthampton Mayor Nicole LaChapelle to announce a $960,000 earmark to invest in water infrastructure upgrades along Route 10 in Easthampton.

The allocation was made possible through congressionally directed spending from the Department of Interior and the Environmental Protection Agency. Neal included funding for this project in the FY 2024 spending bill that was signed into law by President Biden on March 9.

“As a member of Congress, I take great pride in the responsibility that we have in overseeing the expenditure of the public purse,” Neal said. “That is why I am pleased to have secured funding for a project that will have a prominent impact on the Easthampton community, providing much-needed upgrades to the water infrastructure that will directly benefit the city’s business corridor.”

Undersized and aging underground utilities currently provide water and sewer services to the Northampton Street business district in Easthampton. The city of Easthampton has undertaken the design of a project to replace these aging utilities, which will ensure adequate domestic supply, fire flow, and sanitary sewer service for this area for generations. This project will also support commercial and housing developments in Easthampton’s 40R smart growth zone.

This project was also the benefactor of funds awarded to local governments under the American Rescue Plan (ARPA), much of which was drafted in the Ways and Means Committee under Neal’s chairmanship. Approximately $270,000 in ARPA funding was allocated toward the design phase of upgrading the water infrastructure along Route 10.

“This award shows how smart growth development contributes to a sustainable local economy. Today’s announcement makes possible the full development of an approved mixed-use project that brings jobs and housing while dovetailing into state pedestrian road improvements,” LaChapelle said. “Congressman Neal’s leadership in securing both ARPA and CDS funds unlocks the full development potential in Easthampton’s highway business corridor.”