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Monson Savings Bank Welcomes Sabina Vegiard

MONSON — Monson Savings Bank announced the hire of Sabina Vegiard as vice president of Monson Savings Bank and financial advisor with Infinex Investments Inc.

“Sabina is a welcomed addition to the Monson Savings Bank team,” said bank President Dan Moriarty. “The guidance and support she provides to our customers to help them plan for their financial future is invaluable. I know she will help many customers moving forward to understand their financial situation and reach their goals.”

In her new role, Vegiard is responsible for helping customers to plan for their short- and long-term financial goals, including buying a home, paying for their children’s education, retirement, and life-insurance needs. She brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to help her customers achieve their financial goals through strategic planning and tailored investment solutions.

Vegiard has been in the finance industry for 15 years, with her experience as a financial advisor spanning 10 of those years. She most recently served as vice president and branch manager at Key Bank, where her responsibilities were to manage the day-to-day operations of the branch and staff as well as act as financial advisor for six branch locations. She is a graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, Conn. with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

“My career has always been in the financial-services industry, and I look forward to continuing on that path as I provide financial guidance to both current and future customers,” Vegiard said. “I am thrilled to be with Monson Savings Bank, a bank that really focuses on building relationships by learning about their customers and tending to their needs.”