40 Under 40 The Class of 2012

Trecia Marchand: 35

Vice President of Marketing, Member Services, Pioneer Valley Federal Credit Union

Marchand-Trecia“Empowerment” is the word that best describes the driving force behind Trecia Marchand’s personal and professional accomplishments. Her 12-year-old son, Tremar, is her priority, and she wants to empower him so he knows he can achieve anything he is willing to work for.
Marchand has achieved a great deal herself, and takes pride in helping others succeed. She dispenses knowledge gained in her profession by speaking about financial literacy at venues that have included Bay Path College, Westover Air Reserve Base, and Holy Tabernacle Church in Hartford, where she is a member. Faith is key to Marchand, and she is on the board and organizational development committee there. “The church provides my spiritual compass, and it is very important to me to be able to give back to it,” she said. “I enjoy working with organizations that try to meet the greater good of society and empower people.”
Marchand has worked in credit unions for more than 13 years, and is proud to be employed “at a place that gives so much and helps people put their best financial foot forward.” She graduated from the One Day program at Bay Path College while fulfilling her duties as a full-time employee and single mother. “I think Bay Path is amazing; it changed my life and is such a supportive environment.”
Marchand serves on the college’s Board of Trustees, Audit Committee, Student Life Committee, and Alumni Association Council. In turn, Bay Path has recognized Marchand in various ways; she was selected to represent graduate-student alumni in 2011, was highlighted as a success story, represented One Day and graduate students on the Search Committee for the College Provost in 2010, was selected to represent the One Day alumni via a special address to the board in 2009, and was named an Innovation Award winner in 2008 as well as being recognized for her service excellence.
She believes everyone has a purpose in life, and she has clearly found hers. “Your authenticity comes across to others,” she said, “when they see you truly excited about what you can offer the world.”
— Kathleen Mitchell