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Eastman to Donate Vital Monitoring Equipment to Springfield Fire Department

SPRINGFIELD — Eastman, in partnership with Northern Safety, will donate vital medical equipment, known as oximeters, to the Springfield Fire Department today, April 25. Representatives from Eastman Indian Orchard will present the donation to Fire Commissioner BJ Calvi and Mayor Domenic Sarno.

The event is scheduled to take place at 11 a.m. at the Fire Department headquarters, located at 605 Worthington St., Springfield.

This donation marks a significant and continued collaboration between Eastman, a global specialty manufacturing company with a plant in Indian Orchard, and the Springfield Fire Department, in serving the local community. The equipment being donated consists of 17 high-tech, portable oximeters, which are essential for monitoring vital signs in emergency situations.

“We are honored to partner again with the Springfield Fire Department and provide this essential equipment that will aid their life-saving efforts,” said Dennis Van Nevel, site manager for Eastman Indian Orchard. “At Eastman, we are committed to good corporate citizenship and collaboration between the site and the local public-safety officials.”

The Fire Department’s need for the oximeters was learned by Eastman at an Eastman Community Action Program gathering of local neighborhood and community officials sponsored regularly by Eastman Indian Orchard.

“Commissioner Calvi regularly attends the meetings after his workday,” Van Nevel said. “We ask the group to recommend what they feel the community needs. Commissioner Calvi told us of this need. We appreciate him for asking for these oximeters for Springfield’s residents and his firefighters. As Mayor Sarno often says, our first responders are the first to rush into danger. We hope these oximeters will help save lives.”

The oximeters being donated are advanced medical devices capable of accurately measuring blood oxygen levels and heart rates, crucial parameters in assessing a patient’s condition during emergencies such as fires, accidents, or medical crises. These Concord models are rechargeable with large digital displays. Seventeen pediatric finger clips are being donated alongside the oximeter units. These can be used to save the lives of children, including infants.