Archive | May, 2003

Time to Move Springfield Forward

When Mayor Michael Albano was asked last month if he would resign amid the flap over the reassignment of embattled former MCDI director and police commissioner Gerald Phillips, he said such a step would serve no useful purpose. We see things differently. Resigning wouldn’t serve Albano — who is still looking for his next job […]

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Fixing the Courts

A panel of business and academic leaders has determined that the state’s court system is ’mired in confusion’ and in need of sweeping reforms. But achieving those changes — which begin with clearer administrative authority and tougher performance standards — won’t be easy. Discussions of legal issues often tend toward excessive wordiness. This one, however, […]

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Remaking Easthampton

Easthampton is finally shedding its old mill-town identity in exchange for a new image and commercial dynamic, a hybrid of grit and glitz, with strong hometown flavors. The change has been a long time coming and is the result of a variety of factors, including an emerging arts community, a reinvented government, strong and community-minded […]

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