The Class of 2019

Amie Miarecki

Director of Community Relations, Sunshine Village; Age 38
Education: UMass Amherst (BA); Northeastern University (MS)

Amie Miarecki

Amie Miarecki

What are you passionate about? I am most passionate about having a positive impact on my community — and my world — by advocating for positive change and being the change I want to see. In order to be the best version of myself, lifelong learning is critical in all aspects of my life. I am naturally curious, and I want to get the best information available before making a decision or forming an opinion. This means talking with people and reading multiple sources to understand the other side of the story.

What three words best describe you? Dynamic, driven, dedicated.

Whom do you look up to, and why? Both of my parents exemplify what it means to be a loyal, hardworking employee and an unconditionally loving, supportive parent. They gave me the road map to balancing work and family. I am eternally grateful to both for their excellent example and strive to be the same role model for my daughter.

What fictional character do you relate to most, and why? I’ve always enjoyed the sunny disposition, contagious optimism, quick wit, and intense determination of Anne of Green Gables.

What will work colleagues say at your funeral? She had a great sense of humor.

How do you define success? I think it is different at each stage of life as perspectives change. For me right now, success is the feeling of happiness when I remember I have the things that I always dreamed of — my husband, my daughter, a fulfilling career, and a full life. Later in my life, that may change as my goals change. No matter what, I will measure success by how peacefully I can rest my head at night knowing I tried my hardest and did what I thought was right.

Photography by Leah Martin Photography