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bankESB Commits $20,000 to CISA’s Growing Resilience Campaign

EASTHAMPTON — bankESB recently announced a commitment of $20,000 to the South Deerfield-based Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture’s (CISA) Growing Resilience Campaign, an effort focused on building a stronger, more resilient local food system in Western Mass.

CISA’s efforts to support a local food economy began more than 30 years ago. Today, more than 250 farms participate in its programs, expanding residents’ access to locally grown food while ensuring local farmers receive the support they need. The Growing Resilience Campaign is designed to ensure locally grown food is within reach for everyone and farmers are equipped with the necessary resources to remain viable in ever-changing conditions.

This campaign is in line with bankESB’s commitment to supporting the communities it serves through its charitable-giving program, the Giving Tree.

“Helping to unlock more locally sourced food and supporting our local growers is something that bankESB gets behind,” bankESB President and CEO Matthew Sosik said. “As a community bank, we live in, work in, and care about the communities we call home. CISA’s efforts are important for ensuring our local food economy supports our friends and neighbors.”

Wendy Ferris, CISA’s development director, added that “we are so grateful for bankESB’s support, which will help CISA remain nimble and effective at strengthening our local food system. This region is so fortunate to have community-driven institutions like bankESB making a difference every day.”