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Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of August 2017.


West Springfield Fosh & Game Club Inc.
329 Garden St.
$19,215 — Roofing


Amherst-South Pleasant, LLC
55 South Pleasant St.
$25,000 — New hair salon

18 Main St.
$1,600 — Replace four windows

National Yiddish Book Center Inc.
1021 West St.
$14,585 — Replace front exterior double doors


Eastworks, LLP
116 Pleasant St.
$94,500 — Interior renovation for Joe’s Gym

Williston Northampton School
37 Park St.
$47,000 — Demolition of four structures: houses at 196 Main St., 200 Main St., and 206 Main St., and garage at 37 Park St.

Williston Northampton School
9 Railroad St.
$5,000 — Remove and replace egress doors


St. Paul’s Church
235 Dwight Road
$20,000 — Roofing


Four Rivers Educational Foundation
248 Colrain Road
$6,829 — Replace five windows and block off exterior door

St. James Episcopal Church
73 Federal St.
$182,275 — Replace wall finish in rooms 1-7, bathrooms, and hallway; replace existing lift with new lift; expand existing bathrooms to comply with handicap regulations


Interfaith Homes of Longmeadow
114 Emerson Road
$2,100 — Repair two areas of roofing

Longmeadow Cemetery Assoc.
34 Williams St.
$4,477 — Remove and replace shed

Mario Davis Magnani
791 Maple Road
$10,000 — Add partition walls for interior remodel


94 Industrial Drive, LLC
94 Industrial Dr.
$27,000 — Roofing

94 Industrial Drive, LLC
94 Industrial Dr.
$29,500 — Install truck ramp with retaining wall and install new overhead door

100 Main St. Florence, LLC
100 Main St.
$75,000 — Interior renovations for new law office

American Benefits Group
320 Riverside Dr.
$38,000 — Remove partitions to install cubicles

City of Northampton
170 Glendale Road
$19,000 — Replace antennas and add radio heads at leachate treatment facility

Continental Cablevision of Western New England Inc.
790 Florence Road
$90,000 — Add ground equipment, cables, and three antennas to existing guyed tower

Coolidge Northampton, LLC
249 King St.
$14,650 — Remove non-load-bearing walls, construct non-load-bearing walls

Emerald City Partners
17 New South St.
$44,980 — Frame interior walls, install doors, install trim

Gandara Mental Health Center Inc.
18 Summer St.
$38,443 — Strip and shingle roof and repair chimney

McDonald’s Corp.
221 King St.
$395,000 — Update building exterior, remove building arcades, configure drive-thru for side-by-side layout, remodel interior including dining and restrooms, new roof, ADA updates

Pioneer Contractors
32 Masonic St.
$82,000 — Replace windows

Smith College
123 Elm St.
$25,000 — AT&T to remove and replace three antennas and related accessories

Smith College
102 Lower College Lane
$70,500 — Convert decommissioned stairs to former balcony into storage space

Smith College
186 Elm St.
$550,000 — Remodel space for first-floor laundry, bathroom, kitchenette, and lounge area

Thornes Marketplace, LLC
150 Main St.
$25,000 — Renovate and improve facade on Suite 170, replace five windows, and relocate partition wall

Unique Lodging, LLC
74 Bridge St.
$241,500 — Add three-season room, deck, and elevator


B.C. Palmer Green, LLC
1 Beacon Dr.
$20,000 — Remove old salt shed, replace with new wood-frame structure

Camp Ramah of New England
39 Bennett St.
$1,250 — Construct seven sheds off seven bunks for water heaters

1659 North Main St.
$31,500 — Roofing

Neal Inc.
4279 Church St.
$11,700 — Demolish older Junction building

St. Joe’s Club
18-20 Commercial St.
$29,000 — Roofing


American International College
1020 State St.
$5 million — Renovation and expansion of existing single-story structure, plus addition, to convert into a two-story exercise science educational facility

Baystate Health
759 Chestnut St.
$49,500 — Construct call center

Bridge Hillman, LLC
293 Bridge St.
$70,000 — Renovate office on second floor

Davenport Advisors, LLC and Albany Rd. St. James Ave., LLC
1250 St. James Ave.
$492,402.32 — Commercial office build-out, including new windows and exterior doors

HRES Main Street, LLC
2594 Main St.
$680,000 — Construct building for Family Dollar store

Leo Handford
855 Berkshire Ave.
$1,800 — Cut opening in concrete wall of masonic temple and install glass

Love Nails Inc.
1349 Allen St.
$120,000 — Demolition and build-out for nail salon

Mark E. Salomone
175 State St.
$147,000 — Renovate third-floor offices

Primera Iglesia Cristiana Misionera
25 Terrence St.
$3,500 — Cut opening in back wall and install double doors

Springfield Redevelopment Authority
55 Frank B. Murray St.
$8,000 — Remove walls for Peter Pan ticket counter at Union Station

1300 Boston Road
$180,000 — New tenant finishes, new plumbing and fixtures, new interior walls, new rooftop units for mechanical, ductwork, and electrical


56 Pulaski, LLC
56 Pulaski St.
$100,000 — Interior walls, insulation, drop ceiling


Reed Hall Holding, LLC
29 School St.
$80,000 — Alterations to second floor


Eastern States Exposition
1305 Memorial Ave.
$10,000 — Verizon Wireless to place track for Big E event

Lower Pioneer Valley Career and Technical Education Center
174 Brush Hill Ave.
$135,740 — Reconfigure layout of machine shop at Career TEC, construct demising wall, plumbing and electric


Town of Wilbraham
678 Main St.
$15,000 — Construct pavilion

Wing Memorial Hospital Corp.
2377 Boston Road, Suite 101
$13,500 — Renovate existing space into two offices and conference room

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