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Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of February 2018.


Bob Bolduc, Roberta Bolduc
27 Montgomery St.
$17,500 — Remodel inside of Pride store to relocate soda self-service area

Cebula Electronics
637 Front St.
$73,050 — Install new roof, interior and exterior renovations


Bialy Dom Farm, LLC
42 West St.
$14,500 — Demolish and remove two-story barn

Eastworks, LLP
116 Pleasant St.
$35,000 — Construct interior partitions for indoor mini-golf

Williston Northampton School
37 Park St.
$135,000 — Install fire-suppression system in new dorm facility


East Longmeadow Wellness Center
250 North Main St.
$42,100 — Fire sprinkler system

Irina’s Alterations
100 Shaker Road
$3,300 — Fire-protection system


Gulmohar Realty Corp.
237 Russell St.
$1,800 — Two signs

Pride, LP
25 Russell St.
$27,000 — Install fabricated ductwork, commission rooftops and balance system

Pride, LP
25 Russell St.
$3,100 — Six signs for new Pride store

Young Men’s Club of Hadley Inc.
138 East St.
$49,000 — Expand existing building


Aquadro & Associates Insurance
355 Bridge St.
$2,000 — Illuminated sign

Cutchins Center for Families & Children
17 Brewster Court
$32,000 — Remodel office, including new window, sink, entry door, and separate storage space for client use

Florence Savings Bank
85 Main St.
$65,500 — Minor office renovation

Maureen McGuinness, Peter St. Martin
223 Pleasant St.
$275,000 — Three new toilet rooms, new bar layout, new accessible ramp, renovate finishes in dining area at Roberto’s

Northampton Historical Society
46 Bridge St.
$45,780 — Install 31 solar panels at Damon House

River Valley Market
330 North King St.
$16,906 — Install new electric door at entrance

Safe Passage Inc.
76 Carlon Dr.
$242,241 — Renovate building, making three tenant spaces into two

Konstantinos Sierros
99 Main St.
$8,000 — Remove staircase, construct walk-in keg cooler for JJ’s Tavern


Amerco Real Estate Co.
88 Birnie Ave.
$3,500 — Demo three previously infilled windows and install new windows in existing openings

Best Fitness
1739 Allen St.
$445,000 — Renovations to locker areas, create spinning room

3550 Main St.
$14,350 — Add three hand-washing stations to existing medical space on first floor

Children’s Study Home
30 Sherman St.
$4,000 — Build wall to divide room into two rooms for use as office space

City of Springfield
474 Armory St.
$2,021,000 — Window and door replacement at Zanetti School

City of Springfield
180 Cooley St.
$5,274,500 — Window and door replacement at Kiley Middle School

Five Town Station, LLC
380 Cooley St.
$3,000 — Demolition of two bathrooms and one door opening for future build-out of tenant space

1500 Main St.
$345,000 — Interior fit-out of tenant space on first floor for Westfield Bank

Mzion Corp.
1341 Main St.
$35,657 — Renovate existing space by removing old millwork and partition walls, erect platform for display and register, patch walls and hang slat wall for displays

Norley Realty Inc.
350 Albany St.
$18,000 — Remove three antennas and add three RRUs to cell tower


Tario Mahmood, Rizwana Mahmood
397 Little River Road
$2,000 — Relocate window, re-side front of building

Stephen Oleksak, Susan Oleksak
994 Western Ave.
$1,675,000 — Solar field

Anthony Rix
164 Elm St.
Roof replacement


Home Depot USA Inc.
179 Daggett St.
$115,000 — Install new kitchens and appliances displays and fixtures, move existing racking to new area

Kudlic Bros. Inc.
1419 Union St.
$5,900 — Changes to building, electrical, and plumbing

Springfield Country Club, LLC
1375 Elm St.
$14,500 — Repair water damage to card room


O Ice, LLC
1855 Boston Road
$5,400 — Create new office space in existing interior space

Palazzesi Realty, LLC
2141 Boston Road
$10,950 — Install partitions for new hair salon

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