Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of July 2020. (Filings are limited due to closures or reduced staffing hours at municipal offices due to COVID-19 restrictions).


American Towers, LLC
645 Shawinigan Dr.
$25,000 — Modify existing cellular monopole equipment, swap three antennas and three remote radio units, add one cable fiber

Janet Hughes
358 Britton St.
$2,500 — Replace seven windows

Bob Ladas
725 Memorial Dr.
$648,772 — New vehicle service station building

Shawn Peabody
18 Victoria Park
$2,300 — Replace six windows

Valley Opportunity Council
35 Mount Carmel Ave.
$28,950 — Repair parapet masonry


278-302 Main Street, LLC
278 Main St., #307A
$25,000 — Divide existing room for storage area, new door and frame, new sink location, upgrade ductwork, minor electrical work, hot-water tank, plumbing

Green Fields Market
144 Main St.
$12,043 — Reconfigure deli area, move serving line, remove half wall

Greenfield Community College
270 Main St.
$28,451 — Accessibility upgrades on first-floor bathrooms


Eric Montgomery
815 Pleasant St.
$23,000 — Interior demolition

Montra II Inc.
51 Park St.
$10,000 — New exterior door with landing and window


Cousins Investments, LLC
48 Damon Road
$80,050.19 — Demo flood cuts in offices due to water mitigation

Fernway, LLC
178 Industrial Dr.
$235,532 — Interior demolition, build out partition walls and ceilings

Hampshire Franklin & Hampden Agricultural Society
54 Bridge St.
$129,000 — Proposed radio-frequency equipment on new wooden utility pole, replacing existing wooden utility pole

Hill Institute
83 Pine St.
$37,500 — Add attached shed to existing storage barn

India Palace Restaurant
26-28 Main St.
$414,650 — Renovation and addition of single residential unit

Jo Landers
6 Service Center Road
$68,000 — Divide one tenant space into two, add bathroom and meeting room


Bank Row Realty Trust
8 Bank Row
$72,849 — Roofing

First United Methodist Church
55 Fenn St.
$30,400 — Roofing

Gathering of Israel
16 Colt Road
$11,000 — Roofing

Three Ninety Five North, LLC
391 North St.
$10,000 — Alter new bathroom on first floor of barbershop; install new access door, flooring, and tile


City of Springfield
962 Carew St.
$8,000 — Repair existing accessible entry ramp at Liberty School

City of Springfield
1170 Carew St.
$57,000 — Alter existing library area for use as four classroom spaces in Van Sickle School

Joseph Frigo, Lisa Frigo
90 William St.
$18,900 — Roofing at Frigo’s Foods

Hamden Home Buyers
557 Worthington St.
$15,000 — Roofing at vacant Lido’s restaurant

Springfield Investment Group, LLC
795 Worcester St.
$91,981 — Alter medical tenant office space for Select Physical Therapy

Springfield Investment Group, LLC
835 Worcester St.
$91,981 — Alter commercial tenant space for medical office use for Select Physical Therapy

Springfield Redevelopment Authority
31 Elm St.
$2,360,920 — Selective interior demolition on seven interior floors, structural repairs and bracing, install new concrete retaining wall, install temporary lighting for proposed mixed-use building