Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of December 2020. (Filings are limited due to closures or reduced staffing hours at municipal offices due to COVID-19 restrictions).


100 Sunderland Road, LLC
100 Sunderland Road
$20,000 — Install two ADA-compliant bathrooms

Grover Ballou Jr.
754 Main St.
$12,000 — Reroof building

Lundgren Honda of Greenfield
409 Federal St.
Erect new sign on existing foundation


Joao Fernandes
77 South St.
$9,000 — Install fire-alarm system in common areas

Joyce Lincourt
31 Lambert Ter.
$8,262 — Remove and replace four windows and one patio door


60 Wells St.
$105,000 — Renovate second-floor space for expansion of homeless shelter

278 Main St.
$2,500 — Replace six and install three cellular antennas at existing site


Lee Bank
102 West Park St.
$6,756 — Install fire-alarm system


Overlee Property Holdings, LLC
65 Church St.
$1,074 — Repipe wet chemical fire-suppression system to cover changes appliances


American Tower
123 Haydenville Road
$30,000 — Modify existing wireless telecommunications facility equipment

Bowles Enterprises
235 Main St.
$122,435 — Renovate first-floor space for retail cannabis store

DAS Property Group, LLC
108 Main St.
$22,250 — Construct pergola on rooftop deck

Easthampton Road
$1,478 — Non-illuminated wall sign

Jordi Herold
7 Pleasant St.
$15,200 — Roofing

Kendrick Properties
17 New South St.
$89,940 — Roofing

Perfect Properties, LLC
1 Corticelli St.
$29,000 — Roofing

SNF Enterprises
123 Hawley St.
$21,000 — Roofing


Mirabito Holdings Inc.
25 Downing Parkway
$3,000 — Install twin-pole, double-faced, non-illuminated sign

Miss Hall’s School Inc.
498 Holmes Road
$37,494 — Emergency radio responder communication system

Small Block, LLC
561 Dalton Ave.
$4,000 — Demolish external salt shed



Eight Iron, LLC
145 Armory St.
$10,000 — Repair exterior wall of City Coal building damaged by car

Financial Plaza Trust
1350 Main St.
$7,505 — Remove portion of partition wall and convert to soffit at ceiling level in Suite 1350 of MassLive building

Lingo Associates, LLC
20 Carando Dr.
$220,994 — Remove glass-block window infills and install insulated metal panels for Carando Foods

Peter Merwin
187 Main St.
$32,000 — Renovate interior space at Reevx Labs; demolish wall and partition, build stage, and sheetrock walls

Juan Salmeron
229 Hancock St.
$50,000 — Repair fire-damaged restaurant, repair ceiling rafters