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Court Dockets

The following is a compilation of recent lawsuits involving area businesses and organizations. These are strictly allegations that have yet to be proven in a court of law. Readers are advised to contact the parties listed, or the court, for more information concerning the individual claims.

F&M Landscaping v. Popeye Chicken & Biscuits
Allegation: Non-payment of snowplowing and sanding services rendered: $26,214.63
Filed: 12/6/10

Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. v. Neu Tradition Millwork Inc.
Allegation: Non-payment of trucking and freight-transportation services rendered: $2,708.49
Filed: 11/19/10

Bonnier Corp. v., Inc.
Allegation: Non-payment of advertising services: $32,554.52
Filed: 11/23/10

Duke Concrete Products v. Northeast Mesa, LLC & Guilio Burra and Campanelli Westfield, LLC
Allegation: Non-payment of equipment provided and services rendered on construction project: $51,505.36
Filed: 11/22/10

Howard Remmich v. Medeiros/Williams Chevrolet Inc.
Allegation: Breach of warranty: $72,089
Filed: 11/14/10

Lisa Sotov v. Baystate Health Systems Inc., Aida Rivera, and Antonia Delgado
Allegation: Defendant disclosed confidential medical information, causing emotional distress: $25,000+
Filed: 11/19/10

Rafael Alicia v. Lorenver Po, M.D., et al
Allegation: Overdose of cholesterol medications, resulting in kidney failure: $44,317.92
Filed: 10/28/10

York International Corp. v. Statewide Mechanical Contracting Inc.
Allegation: Non-payment of goods sold and delivered and services rendered: $100,564
Filed: 11/4/10

Katie Davis and Christopher Wolcott, individually and as parents of Lucas Wolcott v. Edward J. Patton, M.D.
Allegation: Medical malpractice: $120,000
Filed: 11/29/10

TBF Financial, LLC v. Davtam Insurance Associates Inc.
Allegation: Breach of lease agreement: $4,711.97
Filed: 11/22/10

Brenda Aulet and Javier Hernandez v. Drive USA 2 Inc.
Allegation: Breach of warranty: $17,373.72
Filed: 11/9/10

Joseph Simons Division of the Bell Pump Service Co. v. Lessard Plumbing & Heating Co.
Allegation: Non-payment of goods sold and delivered: $10,924.68
Filed: 11/17/10

Leahy Press Inc. v. Wholesale Printing Inc.
Allegation: Non-payment of goods sold and delivered: $14,701.95
Filed: 11/8/10

Neuro-Psychology Associates of Western Mass v. Cigna Corp.
Allegation: Failure to pay medical claims: $8,882.30
Filed: 11/16/10

Performance Food Group v. Cuisine of Mark Connolly Inc.
Allegation: Non-payment of goods provided on credit account: $9,635.53
Filed: 11/23/10

United Rentals v. Behrend Construction Co. Inc.
Allegation: Non-payment of materials, equipment, and services rendered: $9,028.03
Filed: 11/9/10

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