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Elms College Launches Student Leadership Institute

CHICOPEE — To expand its offering of leadership-development opportunities to all students, the Elms College will launch the Elms College Student Leadership Institute (SLI) at the start of the fall 2018 semester.

Affirming the Elms College values of faith, community, justice, and excellence, SLI — run by the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership — will offer all students the opportunity to engage in a variety of experiences that will benefit their leadership development.

SLI encourages leadership development by hosting dynamic workshops and seminars; establishing mentoring relationships with faculty, staff, and students within the campus community; creating opportunities for community service by partnering with local organizations; and sparking discussions with peers about important personal and social issues.

Fall 2018 SLI sessions include offerings centered around the college’s core values. Participants may choose to attend individual sessions for personal enrichment, or take part in a series of sessions to earn a certificate in values-based leadership. This certificate is awarded to students who complete all eight of the SLI programs offered each year. This certificate track is designed for those who want to strengthen their leadership by aligning their decisions with the values of faith, community, justice, and excellence.

The new institute is an extension of Elms College’s existing Sophomore Leadership Program, which will continue to be offered this year as a part of SLI to encourage second-year students to engage in deep development of their leadership qualities and potential. Through leadership programming, workshops, and activities, sophomores will self-reflect, develop skills, and make changes through action.