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Sarno Issues Sanctions Against Show Bar

SPRINGFIELD — Following a hearing held June 28, and upon the recommendation of Licensing Director Attorney Alesia Days, Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, who holds statutory authority over entertainment licenses, has issued severe sanctions against Show Bar.

The establishment received a suspension for a period of 60 days, with 15 days to serve from July 1-15, 2016. The balance of 45 days will be held in abeyance for one year. If there are additional violations committed by Show Bar during the period of abeyance, the 45 days would be served in addition to any penalty imposed as a result of any new violation.

In addition to the suspension, Sarno has ordered that the licensee is required to submit an application for approval for a new manager of record and security plan to the License Commission prior to reopening on July 16. Upon Show Bar reopening on July 16, Sarno further imposed a rollback of hours to closure at 1 a.m., as opposed to its regular closing time of 2 a.m., for a period of 30 days.

The adult entertainment club, located at 240 Chestnut Street in Springfield, was found in violation of various charges resulting from an assault that occurred on March 18.  Show Bar is also facing charges relating to a pending complaint involving the club’s hiring of an underage dancer. That matter is being reviewed by state and local Law Enforcement agencies and a hearing will be held once such a review is complete.

The License Commission will hold a special hearing regarding Show Bar today (June 30) at 4:30 p.m. in Room 220 at City Hall.

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