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WEST SPRINGFIELD — Uvitron International Inc., a designer and manufacturer of high-performance UV light curing systems and accessories, recently launched a new website — uvitron.com — offering streamlined navigation and improved quoting capabilities, among other features.

“Online technology has changed tremendously since we launched our first site, and it was time for us to upgrade to make it easier for our customers to find and request quotes for the systems and products they need,” said Eugene Mikhaylichenko, Uvitron’s Sales and Marketing director. “This new site will increase productivity on our end and bolster our already-exceptional customer service.”

Uvitron was established as a developer and manufacturer of switch-mode power supplies for light curing systems, developing the first electronic arc lamp power supply. The company has since evolved into a total solutions provider of light curing systems and accessories.

“As our company and number of products have grown, we needed a more robust, updated website,” Mikhaylichenko said. “Our new quoting system now offers multiple configuration options, allowing customers to select the customization options that meet their specific needs.”

In addition to enhanced navigation and quoting capabilities, the new site also features more comprehensive product information, applications by industry, and information about services and capabilities, such as application analysis, sample testing, and demo units.