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Valley Vodka Celebrates 10 Years in Business

HADLEY — Valley Vodka Inc. the owner of luxury brand, V-One Vodka, will celebrate the 10-year anniversary of its first sale on Sept. 1.
“Over the past 10 years V-One sales have consistently grown, with 2014 being the company’s best financial year,” said founder Paul Kozub, adding that this year, Valley Vodka is poised to significantly improve on last year’s tremendous performance.

Since its inception, V-One Vodka has won numerous international awards, said Kozub, including nine medals at the World Spirit Competition, including its highest honor, the unanimous ‘Double Gold.’ V-One Vodka has also expanded is distribution from just 50 locations in the first year to now well over 1,400, in both Massachusetts and Connecticut.

For the first time, this year, he noted, V-One will enter the European vodka market with sales in both Denmark and Poland. V-One has successfully launched four successful flavors over the past few years, including its two most recent — V-One Triple Berry and V-One Grapefruit. The company is also in discussions with several companies about expanding its distribution in 2016 to additional New England states with eventual distribution to all 50 states.

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