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Virtual Program to Examine the Workplace Reset

PITTSFIELD — The workplace reset is real, troublesome, and challenging. Business media buzzes with reports of companies requiring employees to return to work, shrinking their office space, or introducing ‘hoteling’ practices. Offsetting these trends are the increased appetite of many employees for flexible work schedules, while fewer people are quitting their jobs, according to a breaking report from the ADP Research Institute. And looming large is the rise of AI devices in workplaces.

“The Workplace Reset” is the topic of the next Dulye Leadership Experience (DLE) virtual program on Friday, June 9, when a diverse group of professionals will exchange experiences and perspectives in a frank conversation about changing expectations. Participants will speak about how their workplace is handling this reset and what they are doing to manage this reset in their companies, work teams, and social connections.

This one-hour, virtual program starts at noon and features moderated discussion as well as breakout sessions. There is no fee to attend. To promote an open and transparent space, the program will not be recorded. To register, click here.

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