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1Berkshire Launches Campaign in New York City’s Grand Central Station

PITTSFIELD — 1Berkshire announced that, as part of its official Berkshire marketing plan for FY 2024, it will will bring the Berkshires to New York City’s Grand Central Station (one of the busiest transit hubs in the country) starting this month.

Back in the mid-2000s, a campaign of this magnitude was successfully conducted in Boston. The intent of this branding campaign is to give Manhattanites a pause and to encourage a respite in the Berkshires. The campaign does not end there, though — it will continue through late spring in the form of a digital retargeting wraparound campaign and into the summer.

“The campaign will be three large, visually impactful triptychs with four sets of Berkshire imagery rotating through, along with three large single boards with six sets of imagery in rotation,” said Lindsey Schmid, senior vice president of Tourism and Marketing for 1Berkshire. “By having this campaign run in the station for a month, the commuters will be able to see Berkshire imagery time and time again, with a variety of locations and seasons. This is done to instill a Berkshire wanderlust, which we hope will make the viewers of the campaign into actual Berkshire visitors.”

The theme of this campaign is “Soar, Restore, and Explore in the Berkshires.” The idea of running this thematic campaign in the spring is to make New Yorkers aware that the Berkshires is not just a summer and fall destination, so as to entice visitation in the shoulder seasons.

The campaign will run from early March through early June and include inspirational Berkshire imagery, plus a dedicated landing page on berkshires.org (the official Berkshire tourism site, managed by 1Berkshire), along with a digital retargeting and lookalike campaign. It is set to garner more than 14.5 million impressions.

1Berkshire is supported by MASS MoCA and Shakespeare & Company in this campaign. The 1Berkshire marketing team has also worked to weave the theme of this campaign into other advertorial opportunities in New York City, Boston, and Eastern Canada, and it will be the focus of its spring and summer video campaigns.

“We were excited to learn that 1Berkshire was including this branding campaign in their Berkshire marketing plan this year,” said Jaclyn Stevenson, director of Marketing and Communications for Shakespeare & Company. “Being part of this campaign allows us to tie into the work they are doing to promote this region, while also shining a light on Shakespeare & Company in the New York City market.”