40 Under 40 Class of 2023

Ashley Tresoline

Owner, Bella Foodie: Age 39

Ashley Tresoline

Personal chef and food educator Ashley Tresoline lives her company’s motto: “healthy starts from the inside out.”

“The idea is to help people live their best lives by using food to be healthy,” she said. “We also teach kids and adults how to make healthy food taste good.”

Tresoline grew up eating a normal, healthy diet influenced by her Italian grandparents. Then, about 10 years ago, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). “That turned my life upside down,” she recalled.

As she became more ill, Tresoline learned to focus on her diet and what foods can help with MS as well as other conditions. She became educated about the combinations of grains and vegetables that can lessen digestive issues and how it even matters what types of spices we put in our food.

“I studied all this and learned how to use my diet to help me be healthy every day, so when things are bad for me, my body is already in a state of being healthy,” she said.

Using her degree in business management and marketing from Springfield College, Tresoline started Bella Foodie to share her knowledge with others.

“I help my clients live their best lives,” she said. “That can range from supporting them through a health problem or working with someone who wants to be healthier and make their body function at the highest level possible.”

She also brings her message of good health into the community through the Boys and Girls Club of West Springfield and Girls Inc. of the Valley. “I love teaching cooking classes to these kids, because they become so engaged.”

During the pandemic, when in-person sessions weren’t possible, Tresoline hosted classes and connected with clients over Zoom, which helped extend her reach. That reach went worldwide with Food for Life, a show she developed for e360tv, an online streaming network.

“The show is about all things health and wellness,” she explained. “Our guests range from local to international people who share their expertise on a wide range of topics that affect health, food, and everything in between.”

To emphasize the importance of what we eat, Tresoline discussed the example of the seemingly healthy person who suddenly dies.

“We’ve all heard the story of someone who was really active in sports who died of a heart attack,” she said. “Chances are they had a terrible diet. No matter how good you look on the outside, you still need to be healthy on the inside.”


—Mark Morris