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Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of June 2017.


53 Springfield Realty Trust
53-57 Springfield St.
$4,500 — Construct two interior walls to enclose lounge and walk-in humidor, renovate two bathrooms at new Cigar Room

53 Springfield Realty Trust
53-57 Springfield St.
$6,000 — Add new egress at rear of building, separate spaces with partition wall, build new steps at egress door

Briarwood Twelve, LLC
1399-1409 Suffield St.
$18,000 — Install dry sprinkler system

Frank Fila, Michael Fila
84 Maple St.
$28,000 — Install wet and dry sprinkler systems

Genesis Health Ventures of Mass. Inc.
55 Cooper St.
$133,600 — Retrofit two shower rooms, including new fixtures, flooring, and wall finishes; install new counters, cabinets, and sinks in café and occupational-therapy room, repaint two bathrooms in Heritage Hall North


Iota Gamma Upsilon
406 North Pleasant St.
$5,000 — Repair water-damaged wall, replace insulation and drywall

Kappa Kappa Gamma
32 Nutting Ave.
$6,500 — Remove walls to open up chapter room, repair ceiling and floors, replace two exit doors, install exit light

Phi Sigma Kappa Alpha
510 North Pleasant St.
$73,940 — Re-roofing

Pioneer Valley Living Care
1 Spencer Dr., Unit 113
$15,000 — Complete exterior porch enclosure; install windows and door; new siding, electrical, drywall

Town of Amherst
70 Boltwood Walk
$981,102 — Build out existing one-story space for new John P. Musante Health Center


City of Chicopee
21 Vivian St.
$87,650 — Construct new pavilion and repair bath house at Sarah Jane Park

Clifton Hall
242 Fairview Ave.
$28,000 — Install new siding

Elms College
291 Springfield St.
$79,850 — Renovation of dean’s office at Mary Dooley Campus Center

Elms College
291 Springfield St.
$55,149.50 — Replace two exterior doors at lecture room B03

Polish National Credit Union
923 Front St.
$974,453 — Renovations and addition


Eaglebrook School
271 Pine Nook Road
$1,260,000 — Convert Eagle’s Nest to dorm

Julia Mycotteru
75 Stillwater Road
$19,850 — Install ductwork

South Deerfield Fire Department
84 Greenfield Road
$245,000 — Install new monopole for Verizon Wireless

Yankee Candle
25 Greenfield Road
$4,200 — Replace roof-mounted sign


Easthampton Congregational Church
116 Main St.
$55,000 — Remove roof shingles, install new roof shingles

Mandal Group, LLC
89-91 Main St.
$30,000 — Remove and replace rear egress decks and stairs

Williston Northampton School
22 Park St.
$16,600 — Remove and replace roof


Arbors Kids
126 Industrial Dr.
$25,000 — Gazebo

Excel Dryer
357 Chestnut St.
$224,910 — Solar installation

The Net
80 Denslow Road
$45,000 — Addition


Jebco Realty Associates, LLC
285-291 Main St.
$2,050 — Construct bar countertop, add new door at stage

Syfeld Greenfield Associates
259-265 Mohawk Trail
$213,800 — Remove exterior siding, reframe, and add EIFS over new facade

Town of Greenfield
141 Davis St.
$3,386,983 — Construct John Zon Community Center


111-113 Russell Street, LLC
111 Russell St.
$600 — Replace sign

Pyramid Mall of Hadley Newco
367 Russell St.
$45,000 — Install interior walls for eight magic rooms and one party room at Magical Rooms


VK Heritage, LLC
753 Maple Road
$3,000 — Remove wall, remove and replace bar


SMOC Housing
8 Depot St.
$291,395 — Install sprinkler system; structural work in basement; install kitchen, bath, laundry, and bedroom; upgrades to remainder of building


Berkshire Hills Music
48 Woodbridge St.
$38,000 — Install fire sprinkler system

Steven Duval
549-553 Newton St.
$4,700 — Install illuminated sign

Mount Holyoke College
Park Street
$43,000 — Renovate room in Shattuck Hall


Michael Bergdoll
247 Hancock St.
$650,000 — Construct one-story building for Family Dollar store

Crown Castle USA Inc.
22 Birnie Ave.
$20,000 — Add one new antenna and hybrid fiber cable to T-Mobile tower

David DelleTorre
2433 Main St.
$610,680 — Construct one-story structure for Taco Bell restaurant

Frank DeMarinis
339 State St.
$108,762 — Re-roofing

Financial Plaza Trust
1350 Main St.
Alterations to office space

Jim Fiore
494 Central St.
$3,000 — Re-roofing

Edward Garabedian
1771 Boston Road
$54,675 — Roof replacement

Klondike Group
354 Birnie Ave.
$30,000 — Interior fit-up for new tenant

1295 State St.
$783,000 — Renovate space for new conference rooms, training, breakout

Springfield College
440 Alden St.
$279,028 — Remove and replace shower units, replace ceiling grid and tile, paint

Springfield SS, LLC
340 Taylor St.
$2,831,656 — Convert existing building from warehouse facility to new mini-storage facility

Union Station
55 Frank B. Murray St.
$25,000 — Install smoke-detection devices at Subway restaurant


Buzzell & Granat Attorneys at Law
41 West Main St.
$575 — Sign


Ace Agostinho
197 Union St.
$1,200 — Re-roofing

Center for Human Development
1446 Piper Road
$64,190 — Cosmetic changes, including three new windows, two doors, kitchen cabinet, and bathroom fixtures

Normandeau Realty
40 Hayes Ave.
$15,150 — Re-roofing

Redwood Realty, LLC
246 Park St.
$2,300 — Install two openings into existing office space


Ampersand Collins Hydro, LLC
176 Cottage Ave.
$12,600 — Construct two walls to create egress hallway, construct new landing at exit

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