Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the months of June and July 2019.


G6 Hospitality Property, LLC
36 Johnny Cake Hollow
$11,690 — Repair metal posts

Chang Ting
27 Alvord Ave.
$14,250 — Roofing and siding

Valley Opportunity Council
48 Center St.
$19,250 — Roofing


Deerfield Academy
23 Albany Road
$231,000 — Replace roof on west gym

Deerfield Academy
27 Albany Road
$82,700 — Sheet-metal work

Deerfield Academy
29 Old Main St.
$74,000 — Renovations and upgrades

Deerfield Academy
72 Old Main St.
$505,000 — New heating and cooling

Molenaar, LLC
425 Greenfield Road
$145,000 — Upgrades of agricultural buildings

Molenaar, LLC
4 Wells Crossing
$65,000 — Upgrades including siding, windows, and floors


155 Northampton, Easthampton
155 Northampton St.
Install ground sign


Berkshire Facial
265B Benton Dr.
Sheet metal

BFS Real Estate
265B Benton Dr.
$17,615 — Three signs

Glaz Realty
136 Denslow Road
$382,308 — Solar

Professional Office Building
265B Benton Dr.
Fire sprinkler system


E & A / I & G Campus Plaza, LP
454 Russell St.
$100,000 — Partial reconfiguration of guest-services area at Stop & Shop into click-and-collect program

Paul Narus
373 River Dr.
$38,000 — Remove existing roof system from main garage, add wall section with trusses, install strapping to interior with ridged insulation to walls and cover with metal, reframe office area and drywall

Pearson Hadley, LLC
380 Russell St.
$4,300 — New sign for Cooley Dickinson Health Care

W/S Hadley Properties II, LLC
353 Russell St.
$44,782 — Install HVAC at 110 Grill

W/S Hadley Properties II, LLC
353 Russell St.
$7,000 — Halo-lit wall sign bolted to fascia for 110 Grill


City of Northampton
137 Mountain St.
$632,000 — Construct slab on grade, one-story pole barn structure


CR Resorts, LLC
165 Kemble St.
$160,000 — Replace interior air handler an exterior condenser on roof

MRG CRW Holdings, LLC
Lee Road
$165,000 — Construct wood-frame building to be used as horse-riding arena


Willie Ross School
104 Nevins Ave.
$875,000 — Addition to administration building, new lobby entryway, add second floor, rebuild porch, renovate parking lot, add new parking and driveway


City of Northampton
274 Main St.
$94,000 — ADA ramp to stage door on South Street side of Academy of Music building

Lumber Yard Northampton, LP
256 Pleasant St.
$221,992 — Install solar array

Lumber Yard Northampton, LP
256 Pleasant St.
$261,377 — Fit-out for first-floor office space

Stop & Shop
238 King St.
$100,000 — Renovate customer-service and front-end area


15 Taylor, LLC
160 Worthington St.
$27,500 — Remove and replace storefront glazing for six commercial tenant spaces

Blue Tarp Redevelopment, LLC
34 MGM Way
$2,950,000 — Install solar carport canopy on eighth floor of MGM Springfield parking garage

Burger King Corp.
755 Page Blvd.
$529,000 — Renovations to exterior façade, remodel dining-room area, restroom upgrades

Chestnut Acquisitions, LLC
151 Chestnut St.
$450,000 — Interior demolition for future buildout of residential and commercial tenant spaces

City of Springfield
22 Mulberry St.
$1,548,500 — Roofing at Milton Bradley Elementary School

Paradism Partners
106 Lincoln St.
$2,000 — Air ceiling penetration


360 Cold Spring Ave., LLC
151 Heywood Ave.
Remove and replace garage door

Vincenzo Rettura
1146 Memorial Ave.
$2,500 — Replace flooring damaged by water and deterioration

State of Connecticut
1305 Memorial Ave.
$6,000 — HVAC work in Connecticut building at Eastern States Exposition

Stop & Shop
935 Riverdale St.
$90,000 — Interior renovation for new online pick-up area


70 Post Office Park, LLC
70 Post Office Park
$20,000 — Combine two office spaces into one