Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of December 2019.


87 North Pleasant St. Family Partnership
87 North Pleasant St.
$1,500 — Repair front porch decking and underpinnings at funeral home

Northland Builders, LLC
188 East Hadley Road, Unit 156A
$50,000 — Renovate leasing office

Sixty-nine Ninety-one Main St.
79 Main St.
$6,000 — Remove existing windows, frame opening for new windows


Luis DeJesus
43 West St.
$10,000 — Interior demolition of four floors

Hurricane Properties
20 Henshaw St.
$3,400 — Replace four exterior entrance doors, install three doors in common space

Hurricane Properties
51 Southwick St.
$45,000 — Windows, siding, roofing


4 Run 3
78 Center Square
$27,000 — Storage and changing rooms

Big Y
431 North Main St.
$44,000 — Demolish pharmacy and Little Y

City Line Package Store
650 North Main St.
$65,000 — Roofing

Cornerstone Church
15 Kibbe Road
$4,200 — Replace deck

Fairview Extended Care Services Inc.
305 Maple St.
$64,140 — Four signs


220 Russell St., LLC
220 Russell St., Suite 401
$1,500 — Replace insulation and drywall ceiling in bathroom, install new bath fan


Berkshire Marble and Granite Corp.
95 Marble St.
$9,500 — Install seven casement windows

Joseph Sorrentino
85 Center St.
$5,000 — Sheetrock


Town of Longmeadow
693 Longmeadow St.
$19,000 — Exterior wall repairs and window replacements at Storrs Library


Firefly Properties
155 Industrial Dr.
$96,000 — New office partitions

Hospital Hill Development, LLC
35 Village Hill Road
$3,199,912.50 — Construct three-level mixed-use building with first-floor offices and second- and third-floor residential units

Investment Real Estate
550 Easthampton Road
$5,000 — Illuminated ground sign for Moove In Self Storage

IWG Towers Assets
790 Florence Road
$35,000 — Install three antennas and replace three existing radio heads with six remote radio heads

Northwood Development, LLC
15 Atwood Dr.
$110,000 — Build out third floor for new office space

Smith College
23 Elm St.
$36,000 — Renovate basement office and second-floor offices in Stoddard Hall


Boston Road/Pasco Rt. 20 Retail, LLC
1300 Boston Road
$389,825 — Remodel interior office space, including new non-load-bearing walls and ADA bathroom

City of Springfield
1000 West Columbus Ave.
$2,519,375.45 — Alter interior space at Basketball Hall of Fame, including first-floor center court and second-floor museum

Merton Cole Jr., Norma Cole
206 Gifford St.
$18,000 — Remove and replace siding on detached garage

Fitzpatrick, Moran & Costa Properties, LLP
299 Carew St.
$34,526 — Interior remodeling for new office

1341 Main St.
$52,000 — Partial interior demolition of office building

Northgate Center, LLC
1985 Main St.
$68,183 — Modify existing tenant space, partial demolition, build new partition walls, build new counter, partial new ceiling, cosmetic repair

Pentecostal Christian Church Inc.
2652 Main St.
$13,000 — Remove existing skylight, close opening to match existing roof, install new drop ceiling