Building Permits

Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the months of July and August 2020. (Filings are limited due to closures or reduced staffing hours at municipal offices due to COVID-19 restrictions).


Joaquin Rodriguez
1098 Chicopee St.
$18,000 — Install enclosed carport, install support beam for bearing wall

Geraldine Talbot
116 Abbey Memorial Dr.
$1,000 — Repair deck supports, railings, and decking


Premier Staffing Services Inc.
87-91 Main St.
Erect exterior sign


Great Green Theory Land, LLC
845 Pleasant St.
$1,100,000 — Site preparation for new building

St. Mary’s Church
140 Main St.
$1,310 — Replace fire-alarm panel


Robert Akroyd
239 Pittsfield Road
$3,000 — Roofing

Mount Carmel Care Center Inc.
320 Pittsfield Road
$11,423 — Replace remote terminal unit


The Brush Works, LLC
221 Pine St.
$6,000 — Subdivide Suite 130 and repair floor

First Congregational Church of Northampton
129 Main St.
$6,400 — Repair flashing

Adi Nagli
235 Main St.
$5,000 — Demolish interior space

12 Crafts Ave.
$1,500 — Illuminated projecting wall sign for Highbrow Pizza

Springfield IG, LLC
110 Pleasant St.
$5,000 — Illuminated front wall sign for Resinate

Springfield IG, LLC
110 Pleasant St.
$5,000 — Illuminated side wall sign for Resinate


Brien Center for Mental Health
336 Fenn St.
$39,627 — Masonry facade repairs

KO Resources, LLC
501 Dalton Ave.
$94,275 — Install fire-protection sprinklers

55 Grand Ave.
$30,000 — Verizon to replace nine existing radios with six new radios on existing communications tower


Center for Ecological Technology Inc.
83 Warwick St.
$11,600 — Repair vestibule at EcoBuilding Bargains damaged by vehicle, remove and replace window and automatic door

CNR Springfield, LLC
655 Page Blvd.
$126,383 — Install steel racking to store pallets in new shipping and receiving warehouse

Cooley Street Associates, LLC
415 Cooley St.
$277,500 — Alter tenant space for restaurant use by Bueno Y Sano

Courier Express
111 Carando Dr.
$63,500 — Roofing

East Springfield Realty, LLC
100 Brookdale Dr.
$18,400 — Install helical piers to improve soil conditions for structural slab for Falvey Linens

Zahid Farooqui
148 Fort Pleasant Ave.
$26,000 — Roofing on mosque

Marion Polite Jr., Mamie Polite
236 King St.
$31,895 — Repair wall damaged by car at King Street Laundromat

Vibra Healthcare Real Estate Co. II, LLC
1414 State St.
$30,000 — Verizon to remove and replace nine cellular antennas and associated radio equipment on monopole


2030 Boston Road, LLC
2030 Boston Road
Sign for John Diggs, MD

Wilbraham & Monson Academy
423 Main St.
$9,786 — Install traditional fire-alarm devices to existing fire-alarm panel