40 Under 40 The Class of 2017

Charlotte Cathro

Assistant Professor of Accounting, Elms College; Sole Practitioner, Cathro LLC; Age 36

Charlotte CathroCharlotte Cathro calls herself a “solver.”

Math has always come easily to the licensed certified public accountant, and she is passionate about simplifying complex concepts and helping students and business clients reach their goals.

When Cathro was told the Corporate Tax course in the Elms College master’s program needed to be revised, she took it upon herself to revamp the curriculum and made the material more relevant and easier for students to understand.

Cathro serves on the Elms faculty budget committee, and is a member of the Society of Certified Public Accountants and the American Institute of CPAs. She has worked in public accounting since 2002 and was a former manager at Meyers Brothers Kalicka, P.C. in Holyoke.

She enjoys disseminating knowledge, which she has done via presentations at Forbes Library in Northampton, and for Merrill Lynch, Click Workspace, and the Estate Planning Council of Hampden County. She has written articles for BusinessWest and HCN, and helps clients with personal and professional financial situations.

“I try to find solutions for people, and if I can’t answer a question directly, I look things up or use my network, which I believe is incredibly important,” she explained. “If you are willing to help others, you can call on them when you need to. It’s how the world goes around.”

She and her husband, Patrick, are parents to 6-year-old Oliver and 2-year-old Graham. She volunteers at their schools and is passionate about rescuing animals. She has two dogs and a cat, serves as a foster parent for animals, and has driven across the Northeast to rescue them. She is a member of the MSPCA and treasurer for Dakin Humane Society, where she led the search committee for the organization’s executive director and helped it choose a new financial director, and is also involved with New England Bassett Rescue and Looziana Bassett Rescue.

Cathro serves on the Look Park Auction Committee and loves taking her children there. She was treasurer for DEAF Inc. and has volunteered for Boston Cares, Operation Hope, and Junior Achievement.

“I’m a good listener, am constantly problem solving, and love animals,” she said. “They are always there for you.”

Cathro strives to emulate that quality, as she finds solutions to help people, organizations, dogs, and cats.

—Kathleen Mitchell