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Court Dockets

The following is a compilation of recent lawsuits involving area businesses and organizations. These are strictly allegations that have yet to be proven in a court of law. Readers are advised to contact the parties listed, or the court, for more information concerning the individual claims.

Stephen Pinero v. 17 Sumner Avenue Associates Inc.
Allegation: Negligence in property maintenance causing injury: $2,335
Filed: 12/27/13

Denis Menard v. Rick Ward d/b/a Quality Builders
Allegation: Breach of contract for failure to construct a roof in a good and workmanlike manner: $20,630
Filed: 11/12/13

Weslee Secard v. GE Capital Retail Bank
Allegation: Negligence in opening fraudulent charge account: $8,321.57
Filed: 11/20/13

Clinton v. Carroll v. PAB Management Co., LLC and Hugo S. Bernal
Allegation: Breach of contract for property management: $75,000
Filed: 11/25/13

Jordan Picot ppa Gabriella Diaz and Andres Picot v. Jennifer Lemelin and Giggle Gardens Inc.
Allegation: Jennifer Lemelin, while in the course of her employment, physically abused Jordan, causing serious physical and emotional harm: $75,740.30
Filed: 12/10/13

Michael D. Goldberg and Mill Street Innovations Housing v. Morrill Stone Ring, Lauren Ring, Attorney David Farka, Attorney Alan Vanaria, and Gold & Vanaria, P.C.
Allegation: The defendants interfered with plaintiff’s existing contract with a reach and apply, causing contract to be terminated: $1.3 million
Filed: 12/20/13

Theresa Perrault v. BJ’s Wholesale Club Inc. and True Innovations Inc.
Allegation: Plaintiff attempted to sit in a display chair, and the seat of the chair tipped, causing injuries: $500,000
Filed: 12/16/13

David Pinkham v. 11 South Gallery Workshop and Pamela Pieropan Adorro
Allegation: Plaintiff sustained personal injuries as a direct result of exposure to toxic fumes and exhaust from the use of ceramic kilns in his place of residence: $30,000+
Filed: 12/26/13

Beacon Sales Co. v. Keith Hutchings d/b/a Old Harbor Homes, LLC
Allegation: Non-payment of goods sold and delivered: $4,030.07
Filed: 12/18/13

Edna Tart v. Aqua-Matic Lawn Sprinkler & Irrigation Inc. and Steven McCombe
Allegation: Negligent operation of a motor vehicle: $7,795.15
Filed: 12/19/13

Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. v. Ned G. Terault d/b/a NGT Carpentry
Allegation: Non-payment on workers’ compensation policy: $8,478.76
Filed: 11/27/13

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