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Dakin Receives CRIJO Cat Equipment Donation

SPRINGFIELD — Dakin Humane Society has received a donation of CRIJO Pet Products, L.L.C. cat equipment for its Springfield Adoption Center.

The three large towers, complete with adjoining five-foot catwalks, have been installed in one of Dakin’s cat colony rooms, where free-roaming, adoptable cats can enjoy them.

The donation from CRIJO was originally to the Jackson Galaxy Project and GreaterGood.org. Both organizations were asked to identify a humane shelter to receive the equipment as a gift, and Dakin was selected in recognition of its stature in the field of animal welfare and in celebration of its 50th anniversary.

According to Grant Smith, president of CRIJO Pet Products, L.L.C., “CRIJO, along with Greatergood.org and The Jackson Galaxy Project, are happy to demonstrate our collective commitment to the animals served by Dakin Humane Society by providing the industry’s best products for cats. Throughout our history, CRIJO has provided products ‘Built to Last 9 Lifetimes’ to animal welfare’s best and most progressive organizations.”

“This equipment is a wonderful addition to our Adoption Center,” said Dakin’s Executive Director Carmine DiCenso. “In addition to providing endless enrichment for many of our cats awaiting adoption, these CRIJO towers are ideal for animal shelters. They’re sturdy, they’ll take lots of wear and tear, and they’re easy to disinfect. We have previously purchased CRIJO equipment, and will do so in the future. We are tremendously thankful for this donation and look forward to seeing our cats enjoy themselves playing with — and on — these CRIJO Towers.”


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