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Ludlow Mills Riverwalk Project to Begin Construction

LUDLOW — The Westmass Area Development Corp. announced that it will begin Phase I of its riverwalk project this month, part of the approved Ludlow Mills Preservation and Redevelopment Comprehensive Master Plan.

Westmass will begin construction on the riverwalk with a planned completion of Phase I this July. The initial phase of construction will cost $600,000 and is being funded through a partnership between HealthSouth and Westmass.

The riverwalk is one of the early commitments that Westmass made to the town of Ludlow and its residents to promote public health and recreation along the river. The riverwalk will offer public space for pedestrian use and passive recreation, opening up the Chicopee River to the Ludlow Mills businesses and to residents of the community.

Westmass has selected a local contractor, Gomes Construction Co., for this phase of the project. Phase I will feature a loop design and will start near Center Street, just east of the Town Common, run along the river toward the new HealthSouth Hospital, and then return through the proposed future park and reconnect with the recently installed municipal sidewalk system on State Street.

The length of this phase of the riverwalk will span 3,575 feet and will incorporate the use of recycled brick materials, historic timeline markers and river observation areas along the walk. Together, the proposed riverwalk and future public park will cover approximately 52 acres, or nearly one-third of the Ludlow Mills site.

Westmass seeks to convey that open space to the town so that it will remain in protected public use. The open space is intended to integrate the Ludlow Mills project into the neighborhood and community as well as support the many existing and new businesses that are attracted by the revived vibrancy of the Ludlow Mills.