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NESCOR Provides Volunteers for Dinner Service at Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen

CHICOPEE — Nearly a dozen employee volunteers from NESCOR will be on the serving lines for dinner at Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen today, Aug. 22.

As part of an ongoing effort to provide community outreach, NESCOR General Manager Bob Tariff and his team will work with Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen to serve more than 100 meals.

“This is a great opportunity for us to give back to a community we love,” he said. “Western Massachusetts has been our home for decades, and our team appreciates this chance to provide well-deserved support.”

Lorraine’s serves more than 30,000 meals per year to 12% of Chicopee’s population. NESCOR employees will serve food, clean dishes and tables, and provide general support to Lorraine’s staff and clientele.