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Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the months of May and June 2019.


Arbors at Amherst, LP
130 University Dr.
$11,000 — Install air-source heat-pump system consisting of two indoor and two outdoor units

LHB Enterprises Inc.
356 College St.
$13,000 — Remodel kitchen to house Chinese restaurant, demolish existing bathroom and move toward entrance for accessibility

Richard Michelson
25 South Pleasant St.
$125,000 — Expand existing restaurant into unoccupied space


Elms College
199 Springfield St.
$1,649,008.58 — Renovate existing building to accommodate accessibility to new dormitories on second and third floors and gathering spaces on first floor

Elms College
291 Springfield St.
$20,000 — Remove and replace three antennas and three remote radio units, add three hybrid cables to existing wireless telecommunications facility

Stop & Shop
672 Memorial Dr.
$75,000 — Modify section of back room to create space to build out new online pickup area

Zhi Tan, Shu Lei
481 Grattan St.
$25,000 — Minor interior renovation

Westover Metropolitan Airport
109 Lonczak Dr.
$128,000 — Roofing on hangar 13


Interland Real Estate, LLC
180 Pleasant St.
$16,900 — Repair roofing on overhangs

KEP Holdings, LLC
99 Cottage St.
$55,300 — Interior and exterior renovations, demolish garage


East Longmeadow Skilled Nursing
305 Maple St.
Sheet metal

M & G Property Group
191 Canterbury Circle
Sheet metal

Stanley Black & Decker
45 Industrial Dr.
$12,600 — Industrial racks

Stop & Shop
470 North Main St.
$2,400 — Seven signs


278-302 Main St., LLC
282 Main St.
Erect sign attached to building for Rise Above Bakery & Café

Center for Human Development
102 Main St.
Erect two signs attached to building

Greenfield Health Camp Inc.
Leyden Road
$8,600 — Strip and reroof bath house and cabin

McDonald’s Corp.
208 Mohawk Trail
$15,000 — Install two new menu boards in drive-thru lanes

Town of Greenfield
21 Barr Ave.
$25,000 — Construct batting cage for girls’ softball field


303 Russell Street, LLC
303 Russell St.
$7,000 — New pylon double-sided, non-illuminated sign for Harbor Freight

Parmar and Sons Inc.
41 Russell St.
$1,200 — New wall sign for JJ Brothers Tacos


57 Park, LLC
57 Park St.
$18,195 — Rot repair to front façade of building


Hillcrest Educational Center
349 Old Stockbridge Road
$4,485 — Install seven windows

MRG CRW Holdings, LLC
55 Lee Road
$50,000 — Install fire-suppression system in kitchen

Town of Lenox
197 East St.
$315,870 — Masonry repair of indoor corridor wall

Valley Mill Corp.
60 Willow Creek Road
$10,000 — Demolish entire structure, including concrete slab

The Wagon Wheel Motel Inc.
484 Pittsfield Road
$8,000 — Vinyl soffits in front of two buildings


Bay Path University
588 Longmeadow St.
$59,726 — Remodel registrar’s office

Colvest/Longmeadow, LLC
471 Longmeadow St.
$8,200 — Replace rooftop HVAC unit


Barron & Jacobs
70 Old South St.
$1,000 — Fix rotted sill

City of Northampton
210 Main St.
$18,617 — Restore/support foundation wall at front column at City Hall

City of Northampton
20 West St.
$587,021 — Window restoration at Forbes Library

ES Realty Corp.
34 Bridge St.
$1,400 — Non-illuminated wall sign for Colonial Cannabis Co.

Foster Farrar Co.
145 King St.
$3,800 — Illuminated ground sign

Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield
85 Beacon St.
$14,313 — Handicap ramp and concrete landing at Church of the Annunciation


Golden Dragon Family, LLC
1428-1434 Main St.
$70,000 — Roofing

OSJ of Palmer, LLC
1178 Thorndike St.
$245,000 — Roofing at Ocean State Job Lot

Jay Ray
9 Second St.
$40,000 — Construct dividing wall, construct cafeteria, make men’s room AAB-compliant

Town of Palmer
1455 North Main St.
$6,850 — Roof repairs at Palmer Public Library

Dmitry Voloshinov
1405-1415 Main St.
$1,200 — Rework existing ducts to new offices


604 Cottage Street, LLC
604 Cottage St.
$6,200 — Add open deck to side of building for Serenity Care

Albany Road Springfield Plaza, LLC
1277 Liberty St.
$125,000 — Alter interior space for new online order pickup area at Stop & Shop

Belmont Burlington, LLC
483 Belmont Ave.
$15,500 — Alter interior tenant space for Liberty Tax

Congregation Beth El
979 Dickinson St.
$788,400 — Alter sanctuary space, including new concrete floors, lighting, sound system, accessible ramp, and seating layout

Cooley Street Associates, LLC
415 Cooley St.
$100,000 — Alter interior space for new online order pickup area at Stop & Shop

Facta Non Verba, LLC
433 Oak St.
$13,390.40 — Install ground-mounted solar photovoltaic array and associated equipment

Jart Realty Trust
995 Boston Road
$3,000 — Install new fire-alarm system in restaurant

Mason Square Apartments II, LP
858 State St.
$25,000 — Demolish commercial building (former hair salon)

Mason Square Apartments II, LP
864 State St.
$15,000 — Demolish former restaurant building

Segunda Iglesia Pentecostal
100 Alderman St.
$63,000 — Addition to rear of church

Sims Enterprises, LLC
1219 Parker St.
$150,000 — Alter interior restaurant space at Wings Over Springfield

Solutia Inc.
730 Worcester St.
$93,476 — Install modular electrical room with existing warehouse for motor control room

Springfield College
263 Alden St.
Alter interior classroom area on first floor of Bemis Hall

Springfield College
807 Wilbraham Road
$86,963 — Alter interior space at Loomis Lakeside at Reeds Landing


380 Union, LLC
380 Union St., Building 27
$430,000 — Renovate part of existing building to create new offices, remove existing overhead door, and regrade/adapt site for accessible entry and access to facility

Ann Gish Inc.
857 Elm St.
$60,000 — Close off windows in stockroom and basement

CJJack Realty Associates, LLP
1081 Riverdale St.
$200,000 — Partial interior renovation, including fixture changes, refinishing of fitting rooms, new flooring, new graphics, and restroom remodel

Remeche, LLC
26 Sears Way
$39,250 — Replace two existing mechanical deck plates with two heavy-duty electric/hydraulic deck plates, including concrete structure


The Garvey Group Inc.
70 Post Office Park
$1,000 — New sign for Trinity Health

Goodrich IRR Trust
768 Stony Hill Road
$3,898 — Replace entry door

Gregory’s Pizza
2391 Boston Road
$7,000 — Two new signs