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Building Permits

The following building permits were issued during the month of November 2018.


Mary House of Prayer
200 East Main St.
$9,800 — Install fire-alarm system

U.S. Tsubaki Inc.
106 Lonczak Dr.
$20,000 — Revise existing bathroom to comply with ADA accessibility requirements


Arthur Breue
711 Greenfield Road
$51,000 — New framework on top of building and new roof


F & G, LLC
301 East St.
$1,089 — Seal coat foundation walls

F & G, LLC
385 East St.
$1,159 — Seal coat foundation walls

Kheper, LLC
142 Pleasant St.
$25,890 — Install doors, windows, insulation, drywall, and trim to Suite 103B for Abandoned Building Brewery expansion


International Faith Outreach
93 Meadowbrook Road
$15,850 — Roofing

Secure Energy
515 Shaker Road
$42,000 — Second-floor renovation

Shaker Bowl
168 Shaker Road
$6,000 — Sheet metal


Baystate Franklin Medical Center
57 Beacon St.
$8,600 — Roofing

Baystate Franklin Medical Center
164 High St.
$32,073 — Reconstruct exterior of east wall of old surgery building, construct new roof surface over existing air-intake structure

Baystate Franklin Medical Center
164 High St.
$29,222 — Replace existing automatic main entry door

Greenfield Savings Bank
400 Main St.
$75,000 — Supply and install new fire escape

Mackin Construction
37 Butternut St.
$10,000 — Pour concrete pad and place backup generator

Rosenberg Property, LLC
311 Wells St.
$19,000 — Install solar hot-water panels

Stoneleigh-Burnham School
574 Bernardston Road
$6,695 — Strip shingles on horse stable; install synthetic underlayment, shingles, and ridge vent


200 Russell Realty Management, LLC
200 Russell St.
$1,098,824 — Construct dental office building for the Valley Dentist

303 Russell Street, LLC
303 Russell St.
$680,000 — New retail space for Harbor Freight

Michael Horwich
31 East Hadley Road
$33,768 — Install solar panels on roof

W/S Hadley Properties II, LLC
353 Russell St., Building B
$1,734,295 — New construction for mixed retail use


Atwood Drive, LLC
23 Atwood Dr.
$700,000 — Interior fit-out for Northampton Family Probate Court

Castle Pines, LLC
344 King St.
$365,000 — Renovate exterior, relocate restrooms, and renovate dining area at Burger King

Matt & Nick, LLC
199 Pine St.
$455,017 — Install steel plates to underside of existing main beams, install new channel girts between existing girts

Smith College
7 Neilson Dr.
$47,451,295 — Construct new building for Neilson Library

Trumbull Partners, LLC
6 Trumbull Road
$20,000 — Miscellaneous non-structural repair and maintenance

Village Hill, LLC
11 Village Hill Road
$92,500 — Renovate office space for Hampshire County Sheriff’s Office


Damascus Holdings, LLC
557 Worthington St.
$327,000 — Alter space on first floor to create four commercial tenant spaces, install fire-protection sprinkler

NHP Springfield Business Trust
215 Bicentennial Highway
$20,000 — Remove three roof-mounted antennas and three remote radio units and install three new antennas, three remote radio units, and two hybrid cables for T-Mobile


C’Jack Realty Associates, LLP
1127 Riverdale St.
$50,000 — Light gauge framing of new sign backing area and related work

Louis Feliciano
28 New Bridge St.
$24,000 — Repair and rebuild block walls, install roof trusses and roof sheeting

Riverdale Realty
2001 Riverdale St.
$65,340 — Roofing

World Wide Travel
1446 Riverdale St.
$22,975 — Roofing


Association Properties Group
44 East Longmeadow Road
$220,100 — Demolish existing addition, construct new additions

CIL Realty of MA
949 Stony Hill Road
$650,000 — Construct new group home